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Mangia Italian Restaurant in Madison is advertised a lot on WVNN and I've had some friends recommend it but I've never been myself.   I wonder if anyone else, on here, that travel around Madison, AL, can comment on the restaurant?

Mangia Italian Restaurant

All comments are appreciated.  Thanks in Advance.

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I'll answer my own post.  I finally made it over to Madison with the intent to dine at Mangia Italian Restaurant.  I will say that the Fettucini Alfredo was very tasty I wasn't so impressed with the red sauce/marinara sauce.  In fact, if you are seeking very good Italian I would recommend you remaining in the Florence area and choosing Ricatonis as I don't believe you will beat it.  I'm a fan of Ricatonis Italian Grill and so far haven't found another that I believe beats it.  I did, very much, enjoy the pasta/spaghetti at the new City Limit's Cafe last Saturday but they, so far, serve it only one day a week.  The only thing I don't like about Ricatonis is they did away with their crab cake appetizer which was so very good but at least they have some very good soups to go with their selections.


HIFLYER2 posted:

Why would anyone travel to get Italian when Rigatoni’s is in Florence?

I wouldn't have if I had not got certificates for meals there.  Then again, depending on the situation, we have traveled and planned vacations around favorite places to eat.  I was in a situation where I had to use the gift certificates or lose them so that's why we made the trip.  I agree though, having tried it, Ricatonis is a gem for the Shoals.

Now if this area could just gain another Cajun restaurant now that New Orleans Transfer has closed due to the owner's passing.  I really miss the "hole in the wall" Cajun restaurant that was opened and run by a Cajun cook that was from New Orleans.  It was located in a very small building that is down from the Muscle Shoals city hall and on Avalon Av.  The guy was a single father and came to this area to open a restaurant and he had the best Cajun/Creole cooking I have ever tasted but chose to return to the New Orleans area so closed down and moved.  I can't remember the name of the restaurant though but their cajun pasta and also their bread pudding was so good it quickly became a habit.

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