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With Windows 10 Microsoft has once again created a very stable and great OS and has offered it free of charge to it's users and for upgrade, for limited times.  I believe much of this is thanks to Apple which made similar decisions to its Operating Systems.  The question now is which do users believe is better?

This question is more to those of you who may have experience with both operating systems that you chose to make a choice to use one or the other.  Microsoft's Surface Book is phenomenal and works great while many Windows computer manufacturers have offered a special version of laptop computer called a 2 in 1 where the screen can be bent back around and the laptop becomes as a tablet.  Microsoft also with it's Operating System made provisions for touch screen ability and use as well as developing an operating system to use on all devices from Desktop Computer, laptop, to tablet and cell phones.

Apple on the other hand has created very stable offerings and software that works great and is quite immune to many viruses and malware that is out there and their new laptop computers are also very light and powerful incorporating a touchbar into their computers but not a touch screen.  For years Apple has also been known as the state of the art keyboard for users.  

All that said is there any opinion as to which company has  created the best computer line?  Myself, I have both and I prefer the Apple Operating System but then I also like the touch screen ability of the 2 in 1 laptop computers.  On change that Apple made in their computer construction that was a major turn off to me was when they made their computers non-user upgradable.  Youi ordered what you were to stick with because they could not be upgraded to more memory and storage.  In order to keep them extremely light and efficient Apple made their computers with everything made into the main board thus nothing was changeable by the user and if you wanted a larger hard drive or RAM memory you would have to purchase a new computer or in the case of storage utilize an external storage device.  

A lot of people slam Apple over cost figures for their computers but the new Microsoft Surface book 2 series of laptops and their high end tablets very much push the boundaries of affordable and actually top Apple MacBook Pro's in price.

Not to be outdone though Apple, this December, is launching a new iMac Pro all in one computer that cannot be touched by anything out there Widows or not.  The bad news for this new behemoth of a computer is that the entry level cost for it will be right at $5000.00 from what I understand but nothing out there will be able to touch it, performance wise.  For the rest of us it often comes down to which Operating Software and applications we prefer.  

Wo which is it .... Apple or Microsoft?

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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