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For what appears to be the first time, Ashli Babbitt’s husband released a statement on the death of his wife, thanking everyone for the support and calling for justice.

Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran, was shot and killed inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6 by a U.S. Capitol Police officer. Unarmed, Babbitt was in the process of climbing through an adjoining window to a barricaded door when a plain-clothes officer stepped out of a nearby room and fired a shot without warning.

The shooting was captured on video and Babbitt, an avid Trump supporter, was seen falling backwards after the shot rang out. Blood poured from her mouth as people in the area desperately tried to render aid.

“We can’t begin to express our sincere gratitude for the outpouring of support and generosity that’s been received, both from here in America, and honestly from around the world,” Aaron Babbitt wrote in an update to a GoFundMe account previously set up.

“It’s been a difficult three months without our Ashli. She’s missed in every minute, of every hour, of every day,” he continued. “The void is tremendous and overwhelming at times, but the love that’s been shown shows us that her name will not be forgotten.”

The statement came on the heels of investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson calling attention to what she characterized as the unprecedented secrecy behind the name of the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt.

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“I’ve never covered a case where a shooter’s name has been kept secret for any reason in all my years as a reporter,” she tweeted. “It’s considered public record; at least until now.”

Police investigators have reportedly recommended the officer not be charged in the case.

“We cannot, and will not, let her name be forgotten,” Babbitt’s husband said. “It will be etched in the history books of our future, honoring the life of an amazing woman taken from this world far too soon. This world is far from a better place without her, she had so much to offer and give.”

In thanking people, he wrote: “Your comments and donations have been a beautiful symphony to drown out the other noise, and have helped in ways we cannot express.”

In no uncertain terms, Aaron Babbitt let it be known how he feels about much of the media and stated unequivocally that his beloved wife was “murdered.”

“The world doesn’t know who she was to us, but that is what we cling to. Regardless of the bad reporting, and slanderous rhetoric, we know who our girl was,” he wrote. “We know OUR Ashli. Our Ashli that wanted nothing but to help people at their worst, and make the world a better place for everybody.

“A Combat Veteran, true American, a true Patriot, murdered and taken from the world far too soon,” the grieving husband added.

In the quest to bill the Capitol protest as a Trump-inspired attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, the media has described the protesters who stormed the building as “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionists,” among other things.

Aaron Babbitt was also clear that the family seeks justice.

“A simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t begin to describe our gratitude, but it’ll have to suffice for the moment,” he concluded, “as we begin our long trek of bringing justice for our beautiful, magnanimous, larger than life Ashli.”

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Journalist Sharyl Attkisson is still trying to get an answer regarding who shot and killed protester Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riot on January 6 and why the officer’s name is being kept secret.

The Capitol Police officer who killed Babbitt has not faced any charges for doing so. Rumors are still swirling that the officer is in hiding because he fears for his life but there has been no credible evidence to support those claims or actions.

Babbitt was an unarmed woman who was shot and killed while attempting to climb through an interior door of the U.S. Capitol during a protest alleging election fraud following a Trump rally in D.C. She was a 14-year veteran and served four tours with the U.S. Air Force.

Attkisson is still being stonewalled on an answer for the identity of the officer. She tweeted: “Who killed Ashli Babbitt and why is the name being kept secret? I’ve never covered a case where a shooter’s name has been kept secret for any reason in all my years as a reporter. It’s considered public record; at least until now.”

She got an answer on Twitter from another journalist named Andrew Feinberg who is a liberal: “Capitol Police have very few public records obligations.” To which Attkisson replied: “Interesting; so do they have exceptions/exemptions to the normal practices and expectations? And do you know anybody trying to reveal this information that’s in the public interest? tx.” Feinberg has yet to reply.

Feinberg’s answer was vague and extremely lame in its justification for non-disclosure.

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According to Mark Schamel, who is an attorney for the Capitol Police officer in question: “In every analysis, this was an absolutely justified use of force. … He was acting within his training. Lethal force is appropriate if the situation puts you or others in fear of imminent bodily harm.” Schamel noted, “What he did was unbelievable heroism.”

An attorney for the Babbitt family released a statement in March that said, in part: “The shooting of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021, by an unidentified U.S. Capitol Police Officer was an unjustified use of deadly force which violated her constitutional rights. It is clear from video footage that Ashli did not pose a danger to the officer, or any other person when she was shot. Ashli was unarmed. She did not assault anyone. She did not threaten to harm anyone. There was no excuse for taking her life.”

The officer that took Babbitt’s life allegedly never issued a verbal warning to her and never attempted to arrest her. He fired a single shot into her chest that killed her. Babbitt never saw the officer before he shot her because he was in a room off to the side and out of view. Schamel claims otherwise: “It’s a false narrative that he issued no verbal commands or warnings. He was screaming, ‘Stay back! Stay back! Don’t come in here!’”

No one with the Capitol Police or in the government will identify the officer who killed Babbitt. He has been reportedly put on leave after the shooting. There has been no official statement on the matter or an explanation for the officer’s use of deadly force that day. No one is being held accountable and the Babbitt family, along with Attkisson, want answers. Authorities certainly have an obligation to be transparent regarding the matter.

Feinberg was widely ripped on social media for his response to Attkisson and everyone is still waiting in vain to hear who the officer was. Attkisson seems to be one of the only journalistic voices out there still seeking an answer on the issue:

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