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I have been sooooo tired getting robo call after robo call after robo call from both the Luther Strange campaign and the Roy Moore Campaign.  I'm actually glad that Roy Moore won as every call I got from Luther Strange was horribly negative toward Moore running him down where at least calls from Moore were more about why we should vote for him and not why we should vote against Luther.  

I'm just glad there will be a short reprieve until the calls start again come December when the Special Election gets here.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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The CPR Call blocker is at least a better value at QVC than  I saw it on Amazon for around $99 but QVC is under $70.00.  I also saw others ranging from $39.00 and up on  I hate giving Jeff Bezos any more money but many of the other manufacturers units are not available anywhere else.

I have a cordless phone that allows me to block some numbers but the process of blocking them almost makes it not worth the time and effort.  As for the Government's Do Not Call list I agree that it doesn't seem to work too well and many aren't afraid to call even though you are on the list.  Like most other things that are run by the Government it sounds good in theory but in practice doesn't work worth anything.

Kraven posted:
There's no such thing as a "no call list", s*** hole AT-T is making
too much money keeping you on the list. That's why I'll keep
the CPR Call Blocker, the big red button does block the repeat
As you know, the CPR Blocker comes preloaded 
with 5000 of the most unrelenting criminals leaving
you with 1500 of your own choosing before you start deleting
the older ones.  80% of my calls dropped the first week....   

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