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Originally posted by Jennifer:
Cruel that God created us with free will and decision making abilities?

He didn't "give" you anything. How is it free will if you have to choose him or hell? Let's go back to the gift giving thing. I give you a gift, but I get to tell you what you can and can't do with that gift. You want to use it a different way than I say so I "smite" you and make you miserable. Still want that "free" gift?

You are over thinkin it here Jenn... it's as simple as the forked road metaphor. One has a sign that says "This way to God", the other says "This way for separation from God"... You choose. If God had not created us this way, you wouldnt believe the way you do. Atheism would not be an option.
I can see where free will would seem like a natural condition to an atheist, but to a believer it just opens up a lot of opportunities to land yourself in hell.
Things surely would have been nicer without the option to fail. For a little while on the first page of Genesis there was no failure, and that seemed nice. Maybe it's taboo to ask, but why couldn't man have been 100% good? Surely the technology existed.
Originally posted by INVICTUS:
Originally posted by Not Shallow Not Slim:
Irving, it's a natural condition of the human species.

Free Will? We have no choice.



ns,,,You know you have a choice.



A truck is coming down the street. Do I walk out in front of it? Only a crazy person doesn't have the choice to live or die in that circumstance.

Of course it's part of human nature! I have free will, I could walk out in front of the truck and die, but I don't.

In the religious sense, free will is a cop out to defend god's outrageous actions in the figurative Garden of Eden. Can we all grow up?

No god.

No garden.

No judgment.

No original sin.

No dictated morality (thank god, look for it in your Bible).

Consider morality for yourself. What morals does it take to live in a constructive, positive society? Those are your values.


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