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Originally Posted by Bestworking:

Of what?


It is really very simple; I will explain it to you.


Below my introductory sentence there is what is called a "link." Using your mouse (that is the little device you use to move the little arrow around on your computer monitor's screen) of your computer system, you push down (we call it "clicking") on the left button and mirabile dictu(!), a diffferent picture will come up on your screen. The information there is what you are urged to take note of.


If that is not sufficiently clear, I remain available to tutor you some more until you "get it.".

I'm pretty sure upside means "take note" of the suggestions for atheists the author has come up with-and I kinda agree with some of 'em-depending on the circumstances.


Up north, I didn't need to assert my ANYBODY.  Because nobody cared.  Nobody ever screamed at me to "REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED FOR FORGIVENESS OF SIN!!!!"


If anybody ever asked me what I believed, I told 'em and they were all like, "Oh...That's cool."


No need for any confrontations.


Now down here....That's a different story. Somebody I don't even know is always pounding their religion up ma nose, telling me what I should do or shouldn't do to comply with their particular myth or judging me based on my lack of belief. Kinda like that BeeG fella does...or like that upside person is implying.


Me-I don't care either way. I'm only confrontational when the fundies get all OT on me.


Religion is a lot like a pe nis:


It's OK to have one.

It's OK to be proud of it.

But please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around- 

and don'tcha dare try to shove it down my child's throat.






Good post RP.


I agreed with a lot of what the writer in the OP was saying also. I have met atheist that are just the other side of the coin. They can't seem to go anywhere or do anything without bringing up their disbelief. Of course I too live in this area and I know that we are being constantly bombarded with religious talk and invites to church. Most of the time it does not bother me, but sometimes I get fed up with it and say something just as rude back. I try not to let it get to me that way though. We should try and set a better example, not become what we don't like in others.

Yo, QD...Happens alla time.

Take a spin past the lil' blue store on Mobile St. (Florence) some day and you might see the freak on the corner holding a sign and yelling at people.


There's wackos on the corner of Wilson Park when there's functions going on there-standing on their step-stools and thumpin' their books and preaching.


There's the girl that worked at the gas station that's now Lil Steve's on the corner of Helton and Cox Creek who kept blessing ,my day til I was ready to puke who couldn't grasp the concept of someone not believing in the christian god. ("Nonsense!" she said.)


All the folks I met the first day I started work saying not, "Hi, My name's (whatever), nice ta meetcha", but "What church do you attend?"


The job interview for a county driving position that asked questions about my religious views...


The coworkers who think that because I don't worship their god-Then I must worship "the devil", because apparently, to them that's all there is to choose from.


BUT- there's actually a couple preachers and a devout old-timey CoC'er I work with who at least don't openly judge me because I'm not superstitious.  Those guys are all right.










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