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well, here's monday.... let's see if we can make it through today first... then, the rest of the week... mondays are never fun. hahaha.

i know, puf, you like monday.... that makes one of us!

Monday…Mostly clear. Highs in the high 90's. West Southwest winds at 4 mph. Little or no chance of precipitation.
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Originally posted by fred g. sanford:
Good Morning Forumites!

Originally posted by junior samples:
Thanks for reminding me Bumble...heres your 1

If you're going to rate a thread low, could you do the rest of us a favor and not post in it?

I told you, Jr., you could turn sour cream.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you rate this thread 1
Then it don't need you Razzer

Hey junior,
I've got a "1" for you too...too bad you can't see it.
Originally posted by earthmomma:
Originally posted by +PuF+:
Good morning, Bumble.
Good morning, Gus.

Yes, i like Mondays. I have a job i enjoy and a very nice boss...sometimes he even picks me up for work and we grab McD's coffee before heading to the office.
Good deal! School teaching was never like that!

Very good deal.
And i didn't have to work today Smiler
Originally posted by junior samples:
Buttercup can be sweet after a couple of beers But after a 6-pack you better stay clear She thinks she is cool and so very smart But really after all she ain't worth a fart!

You're so funny, junior! I bet you've been working on that poem all day. How sweet of you to devote your Monday to writing a poem for me.

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