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keep in mind that those against the song, hating America are actually a small percentage exploited by media.  Both MSM and social media tend to take a small percentage view and blow it up to sound like a large percentage of people.  A poll said 10% say it is time for a gender neutral Santa. Yet it sounded like a large percentage in reading about it.  We also allow results from polls that may not even be a good poll excite us. Example Hillary winning according to polls.  Many available answers for polls are slanted by questions or who is taking the poll to get certain answers.  Then the public get upset and give whatever publicity 

Kraven posted:
How can they rail against nothing when their noise makers talk
rape, kill cops, hate whitey, hate America, promote every perverted
action they think of, anything sacrilegious or racist that's nothing
but incoherent stupidity--


But take an innocent song like that, well we know why..............

They don't like Charlie Brown's Christmas or Rudolph either.

We know it isn't a large number of people that would push this
and other off the cuff crap just as infantile. It's the idiot liberals
and their idiot slaves that fall in lock step about something that
has no reason for being targeted.
It's important for them to plant as many seeds of communism
as possible, the one world goal----  

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