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A former member of the Justice Department says five of the civil rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are under attack.

Election attorney J. Christian Adams, a writer for PJ Media, recently told American Family Radio that one of those rights is "the right not to have your business looted and sacked," as many people have lost their "life's dream" because of the rioting.

Such situations have occurred in Minneapolis and other parts of the country. Damage estimates vary, but various businesses, including some minority-owned establishments, have been damaged or destroyed.

"How about the right to attend church," Adams continued. "You can have these crazy gatherings of people doing these chants, but yet you can't go to church."

He also pointed out that Americans have the right to defend themselves. He cited a situation in the St. Louis area where homeowners were brought up on charges for using guns to defend themselves and their property from "a mob" that came into their private, gated community.


"There's also the right to be free from violence for supporting candidates like President Trump," added Adams. "People are getting hit and beaten up because they have campaign material from President Trump."

He told the radio show host that anyone in disbelief right now is not alone.

"Who would have ever thought that that's something we'd be talking about in America, that you can support ideas and have a debate without being beaten up," Adams posed.

He concluded that Americans must defend these civil rights "from a mob that wants to take them away."

Adams was just appointed by President Donald Trump to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

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