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For Buddy and Ann Robertson
When: May 1, 2010 7am-until
Where: Greenhill Senior Citizens Bldg
Buddy and Ann Robertson have had to go through a more tragic time in the past 6 months than a lot of families have to face. They have had to bury 2 sons and a grandson. They are really struggling, not only emotionally but financially to make ends meet trying to make payments to the funeral homes. We are asking that you come out and help us in helping them. They are good people who have just been in bad circumstances. We will be having chicken stew, an auction/yard sale, live music…who knows what we will do.

Chicken Stew – Ready between 11 &12 Yard Sale starts @ 7am
$15.00 – Gallon Auction @ 1:30pm
$8.00 – ½ Gallon Drinks
$4.00 – Quart Baked Goods
$2.00 – Bowl Hot Dogs

Also we are having a gun raffle for a 20 gauge, single shot, break down action Sears/Roebuck shotgun. Chances are $1.00.

Also you can help out by calling 335-1113 or 856-2986 between now and then to donate items to the Auction/Yard Sale. We will come and pick up whatever you may have to offer as long as we can sell it.

Thanks so much in advance for your kindness and willingness to help people in the community!!! It is appreciated more than you know!!!!!
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