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Follow the link below to see how far you can throw a paper airplane. Now this is harder than it sounds but it can be done. When you go to the site you are instructed to grab the plane to start. A new screen will come up and you have the plane with your mouse. Hold down the left button and quickly move your mouse to the right and let go of the button before the red line. It will take some practice but there is an open window at the end of the room and when you go far enough the plane will go out the window and then you can really get some distance. Try this game and come back and post your high score. Mine is like 79 but I have heard of people getting over 100. If you figure out a way to get that distance let us all now.
Have fun and remember to be patient for a while.
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Ok, I'm going home and I already got two PM's! so, here is the cheat. I'm putting it in white, so those that don't wanna know don't have to read it. If you want read it, select the text as if you are going to copy it and it will show up for you.

Select from HERE:
To make the airplane go farther, drag the plane to the top left of the screen. Now drag it back as far left as you can - it will go off the screen a bit. Now, keep your mouse off the screen and come down about 2 inches or so. Now. Press the mouse button, and go down and to the right VERY fast. Let go of the mouse button right before you hit the red line. Do not re-enter the screen once you have your airplane floating up there in the top corner - if you do, then you'll pick the plane back up. Just move down to a little above mid-screen, then press the mouse button and go down and over really fast. Now, your plane is still sitting there - move the mouse back left really fast and watch it fly! Post your scores for us! HERE for the tip!

I did this trick totally by accident. I have a wireless mouse and it "dropped" the plane and I couldn't get it back! I reckon it will work with a wired mouse too. Let me know.
Originally posted by danwlz:
Just threw a 83.516. Hey TSC , how did you put the screen shot up here ?

To post a screen shot:
1. Center what you want to capture on your monitor. Try and make sure any personal info is not visible.
2. Press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. It usually lives over to the right of F12 with Delete, Insert, Home and all that stuff.
3. Open PAINT (on most Windows machines it is START / All Programs / Accessories / Paint) or any other graphics / imaging software editor. When it opens press CTL-V (or right click and PASTE)
4. Crop your image if you'd like (remove your toolbar and that sort of stuff). Save your image as a jpg or png image. Beware, the bmp's are huge.
5. Upload your image to a webhost. Some good ones are Photobucket, Image Shack, and Image Bucket. I like because they don't make you register. Just upload and go!
6. Once you have your image uploaded, find the http:// address for it. Copy that address.
7. Make a new post and click the "image" button (second from left on the post toolbar. Looks like a tiny beach scene) and put the web address of your image in the form field.
8. Post it! Smiler

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