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I hesitate to post with some wings places in Huntsville as an answer, but after seeing responses like Wal Mart, Zaxby's, and Dominos.. No offense, I like the KFC hot boneless wings occasionally.

Cricket's - on Wall Triana in Madison, across from Sonic..not too fancy, but always busy. Great wings and fries

Hooters - consistently good, especially if you like the breaded wings

Buffalo Wild Wings - MANY different sauces..service isn't always great, but the food is

Beauregard's - several locations - great wings

Wing's - as someone stated, good, but I haven't been there in a while
In the shoals, I've never had good wings, and I've tried them pretty much wherever they sell them...When Hooters comes to town, they'll bring some pretty good wings with them...

Cricket's in Madison and Beauregard's in Providence and on Jordan Ln, are the best places in N. Alabama to get wings...

Baumhower's and Hooters are second, but not really a close one..

I haven't been to the Roosters in Florence, but the one in Athens has pretty good wings if you like them pretty hot(and if you don't, you don't like real wings.)

Wal-Mart's are ok, but they're not really buffalo wings...

Also, Wing Stop in Ft. Payne(if it still exists...haven't been there in a while) used to have some pretty good wings...I'd probably rate them around the same as Wings or Hooters in terms of quality, and also with Wing Zone and Buffalo Phil's in Tuscaloosa.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Huntsville has a really good environment to go and watch some sports and drink a few pitchers(as is Wings,) but the wings themselves are lacking a bit.(the potato wedges are great though.)

/Wing connoisseur
Eating anything hot or spicy is a matter of seveal things...taste buds, and level of heat tolerance....the body builds up to the scolfield units of heat over time...not everyone has the same amount of tolerance...
While you like some of those establishments, I can say I think most that you listed lack in some merits that equal a good wing..
But then again...that is based on MY taste buds not yours...
To say someone who does not have your level of tastebud sensitivity, agrees or disagrees with your evaluation does not make an establishments wings bad or simply means they do not match your tastebuds requirements to rate the product as good...
Now! if you see postings that continue to lean toward negative experiences, most would be wise to take heed and darken the door with caution...
I am not sure if you were referring to a place called "BEST WINGS" or just were can you purchase the best wings...
The place with the best wings depends on your tastebuds in relationship to how they react to acid, akaline, sweet, sour, salty, best wings may be you worst...But! most individuals tastebuds are similar in nature, although not identical...
So! if you see a lot of post with positive remarks about an establishments wings...chances are you will like them also...on the other hand....Well! you know the rest...
Good hunting for the holy grail of WINGS...
I ran out and tried G's Wings today and I actually liked them. They were crispy, which is a requirement for me to like them. I can't stand to sink my teeth into a wing and be greeted with flaccid, fatty chicken flesh. Also, I liked that they weren't floating in sauce, that kept them from getting soggy. I didn't care for the ranch dressing, it wasn't "ranchy" enough for me, but I don't care too much about that.

I've also tried the hot wings at Mottzi's in downtown Florence, and they are OK. They have a variety of flavors available.

The best wings I ever ate were served at Virtual Charlie's when it was still around. I miss them.
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