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Logan Roadhouse has fantastic Filets. They come out with that round succulent mount of moist-tender beef and it makes your mouth go into a jig...
Your knife glides smoothly across the grain, as it slices into the filet. The smooth cut reveals the pink lips of the meat, exposeing the juices down the side of the mound.
As you insert the tip of the fork into the beef morsel, your tonque quivers in expectation of the explosion of the pure real steak taste you have come to expect when eating one of their steaks.
Now! that is the experience you don't mind paying for...
Georges Steak House is a excellent steak house with a different style of cooking, size and quality...The Steaks are one of the best for their style of steak cooking ...Logans does not detract from them nor does Georges detract from Logans filets...They are totally two different styles...with high marks for each...The Pocket book determines your choice of steak for that particular steak outing..
Originally posted by Phoenix Rising:
Dales. How on earth could you even put Logan's or Outback in the same category as Dales??
Amen to that Phoenix. Thats like choosing a Buick over a Rolls. The only competition Dale's has is Georges. I prefer Dales. Everything from the french onion soup to the service, is hands down by far an away better than anyother place with the exception of George's. Texas Roadhouse??? Please.....
I only eat one kind of steak, and I always have it prepared the same way no matter where I go. A blackened filet cooked medium rare.

George's now has it down to a science. If you have never had a rare cut of tender beef prepared blackened, you don't know what you're missing! It's sizzling hot and a little spicy on the outside, and it seals in the juices perfectly.

The 360 Grille does a really good job, too, but you will pay as much at the 360 for just the steak than you will at George's for your entire meal. Everything is ala carte at the 360. But their food and service has been impeccable when I've been there. Can NOT say the same for the Bronzeback, though. Yuck!
Originally posted by rookmasters:
Best tasting steaks imo are at Oh! Bryans also the most affordable,best by far in my opinion, I also highly suggest Texas Roadhouse, what does everyone else think?

I agree. My family and I love Oh!Bryans. Great food, great service. Never had a bad meal or bad experience there.
Logan's - great lookin' waitress and great tastin' steaks..... outside crust is seasoned perfectly.... always cooked just right

Outback - used to have good lookin' waitresses..... steaks are terrible. They taste like they were cooked on a pan on a stove or in a microwave maybe. No smokey or grilled taste at all. Bring plenty of steak sauce.

Texas Roadhouse - hot waitresses everywhere... watch out or you'll bump into one. Steaks are great..... not heavily seasoned or marinated but grilled perfectly...... great caesar salads too. I would bet that everyone who previously said that the Roadhouse was terrible had probably just gotten out of church and was uncomfortable having a hot waitress shake her moneymaker while they dined.

Big Mikes - good "soul" type cooking. The only steak of their I can vouch for is the hamburger steak. BEST HAMBURGER STEAK IN TOWN. Dont waste you money on any pricier cuts of meat though. They just can't do them justice.

Georges - Terribly over-rated. Terrible service. The only thing good there is the salad dressing.

OhBryans - Cute waitresses. Great steaks for the money and they have a salad bar. I love any restaurant where you can start eating right away.

Dales - No hot waitresses at all. Steaks are heavily seasoned but for my taste they are FRIGGIN PERFECT. Hands down best steakhouse in the Shoals. No comparison at all. End of discussion.
Texas Roadhouse. Dales tastes like rubber. Logan's might as well shut their doors. Outback Steakhouse should be called Outback Chickenhouse. I've not tried George's, but I hear it's good. I had a decent steak at Rosie's one time, believe it or not. It wouldn't rank or anything, but it wasn't bad. As for waitresses, it's hard to beat Ricatoni's, good god. TR, however, isn't too shabby and they dance for you! :P

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