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I would bet that Biden's actually disapproval numbers are far higher.

It’s already been a big week for President Joe Biden to show off his commander in chief and race relations credentials, but two separate polls show that the public finds his actions weak and ineffective.

Weak and ineffective for the US. A wonderful asset to foreigners and those that would have the US fail.

Worse, it found that most feel Biden is “less aggressive” with foreign leaders in pushing American interests first.

Less aggressive with foreign leaders? They own him... and he is working FOR their best interests instead of working for the US.

And in another timed for Biden’s trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, today for ceremonies on the 100th anniversary of the so-called Tulsa massacre, voters 39%-28% said race relations have turned worse since Biden took office.

This occurred over a hundred years ago and he felt the need to go suck up...and talk to survivors. Survivors? What survivors?

Both polls, conducted by Rasmussen Reports, were poor grades on timely issues for Biden and likely a surprise to a White House that has made efforts to focus on military and race issues.

Yes, Biden and dems have focused on hating the military along with law enforcement and have done nothing for race issues except set back any positive relations to a hundred years ago.

Biden, for example, has played up issues important to black people, such as reparations and police reform, but Rasmussen found that former President Barack Obama’s vice president hasn’t had much of an impact. Black people, for example, generally believe that nothing’s changed since former President Donald Trump left Washington. Some 36% said race relations are “about the same,” slightly more than the 34% who said “better,” and 50% said “life for young black Americans” is the same.

Nothing has changed until they get their way totally and everything in the country revolves around them...a minority... and their wants.

In Tulsa today, Biden is expected to empathize with black people killed in the massacre and offer additional spending programs to aid black businesses.

MORE spending programs for black businesses? Will there be any spending programs for white businesses who need help after the crippling, unnecessary shut down of the country last year and so far half of this year?

In the Memorial Day survey, Rasmussen didn’t offer a better picture for the president. And in that one, partisan divisions were clear. For example, 75% of Republicans said Biden was a weaker commander in chief and 78% also said he was less aggressive on the foreign stage.

We knew he would be this horror show before he was installed in the WH.

Libs want us to believe a woman that dropped out of the presidential race because of low favorable ratings....and a demented old man that has been in politics for over 50 years with nothing to show for it except making himself and his family rich through corruption/quid pro quo...a man that ran three times for office and lost miserably...suddenly got a record breaking number of votes. Not only did Kamala call Joe Biden a racist...among other derogatory true things she said about him... China Joe couldn't even get Obama's endorsement until the very last minute when his lack of endorsement had become embarrassing to the only then did Obama gave his half-hearted endorsement. Odd isn't it...that the president that got the most votes in hear libs tell it...had to have such a military presence at his infrauderation and STILL keeps the military....which libs hate....around him.

Joe Biden-What you get when you order a president and get a cheap Chinese knockoff instead.

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