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With everything that's going on, you might think Joe Biden would have a heavy schedule of dealing with all the chaos. But it's Biden, so not so much. His public schedule had virtually nothing on it. It had one event scheduled, touring a White House demonstration event. The event is a campaign ad showing demos of what his administration has allegedly done in things like science and technology. This is what Biden is doing while Americans are being held hostage by Hamas and being fired upon by Iranian proxies. This is what he is doing while the Democratic Party is going off the tracks helping terrorists by pushing for a cease-fire.

I suppose the lady was fortunate that he didn't sniff her hair.

But then Biden was asked about his discussions with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu and if he had asked Netanyahu for a "three-day pause" in the Israel-Hamas war, and even for the master of disaster and gaffe king Biden, his answer was beyond weird.

"Heat pumps," Biden answered.

What the heck? What is that an answer to? How far gone is he? He was standing next to a big sign about heat pipes. Maybe he thought that was his teleprompter with the answer he was supposed to give.

The reporter then tried again with the same question. Then what Biden admitted was concerning: "Didn't get a chance to talk to him today. Did ask him for a pause in the past. Yesterday." So, he's admitting that he's been pressuring Netanyahu for a pause. We wrote how Kirby was acknowledging it earlier on Tuesday. A three-day pause is a cease-fire, just with a different term, to make it look like you're not having a cease-fire. It isn't up to Biden, and so far, it looks like Netanyahu is rebuffing him. It sounds like Biden is starting to cave and is doing so to appease the leftist pressure on him for a cease-fire. It was predictable that he wouldn't have the courage to stand up to them.

It makes one wonder what's worse -- when he's incoherent and says weird things like "heat pumps," or when he is momentarily coherent and admits the bad things he's encouraging.

But if "heat pumps" wasn't weird enough for you, he wandered off during the demos, to the seeming surprise of the woman who was walking him through it. She appeared to laugh at him. Then they cut the feed, probably trying to stop coverage of any further weirdness.

He's getting worse. Is it any wonder he's doing so badly in the polls now? I don't see how he possibly makes it to 2024 when he's deteriorating so rapidly.

Biden Is Asked About Humanitarian Pause, His Response Is Incredibly Weird and Concerning – RedState

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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