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Joe Biden is apparently in a running battle with John Fetterman to prove who the most brain-damaged Democrat in the country is. On Friday, the president appeared with leftwing heartthrob Rep. Katie Porter and minds were melted. Mostly his own, but you get the idea.

Maybe someone in the comments can figure this one out because I’m at a total loss.

BIDEN: "There's not a single solitary Biden man that is as old, uhh, younger than any Biden woman."

Is he trying to make some kind of equality of the sexes argument there? If that’s it, I can't fathom how he ended up talking about age. Besides, what is a “Biden man” and a “Biden woman?” I’ve searched for further context but haven’t found it. Whatever the topic actually was, it couldn’t possibly make that statement make sense.

Thus are the joys of having a senile president, I suppose. Another question here is why he’s out in California appearing with Porter. What possible political benefit could that offer? Especially when the topic is “lowering” costs for American families. Did Biden miss Thursday’s inflation report? Because it was horrific.

Joe Biden: "The [so-called] Inflation Reduction Act did a lot of things."

Not one of those things was reduce inflation.

After lying about Bidenflation for 18 months, Biden absurdly claims “if Republicans take control, the prices are going to go up.”

I was listening to a podcast earlier in the day and someone on it made the point that it’s better to own a downturn with empathy than it is to continually gaslight that everything is fine. Biden, having the political instincts of a gopher, has chosen the latter path.

Of course, no sentient nor non-sentient human being is buying what he’s selling. The “Inflation Reduction Act” did absolutely nothing to reduce inflation. That’s borne out by the reality that inflation actually increased month over month from August to September. In other words, your hard-earned tax money got blown on green energy garbage and actually made things worse. If that doesn’t infuriate you, you are probably a Democrat.

At some point, you can’t blame the constant lying about the state of things on Biden’s mental state. Yeah, he melts more faces than an 80’s guitar god, but he knows exactly what he’s doing when he essentially accuses Americans of being too stupid to see how great things are. Oh, you don’t like paying 15 percent more for things compared to when Biden took office? Well, look at the jobs numbers, moron!

That arrogance is going to cost him and his party, and it’s going to be a glorious meltdown to witness. November can’t get here soon enough, both for the entertainment factor and the fact that I’m not sure the country’s economy can survive much longer with Democrats at the helm.

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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