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Comrade citizens, the COVID Ministry announced today they will assist your compliance for vaccinated status by visiting you in your home.  Prepare for the Jackboots to arrive on your doorstep to inquire about your vaccinated status.

The spokesperson for the regime made the compliance announcement earlier today during a press conference: “targeted community, by community, door-to-door outreach“.


Amid a continued focus on the Delta variant of COVID-19, President Joe Biden let it be known Tuesday the administration will send people “door to door, literally knocking on doors,” to coax people into getting the vaccine.

The new campaign comes as Biden fell short of his Fourth of July goal of having 70 percent of the U.S. adult population with at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine, and it’s not going over very well with many Americans.

Right on cue, The New York Times stepped forward to lend a hand, essentially telling readers that as extreme as it may sound to have the government knocking on your door, it’s maybe the least of necessary efforts.

“But top health experts say that it is simply not enough, and that the president needs to take the potentially unpopular step of encouraging states, employers and colleges and universities to require vaccinations to slow the spread of the coronavirus,” the newspaper reported.

“Please get vaccinated now. It works. It’s free,” Biden pleaded from the White House. “It’s never been easier, and it’s never been more important. Do it now for yourself and the people you care about, for your neighborhood, for your country. It sounds corny, but it’s a patriotic thing to do.”

The president referenced the press briefing held earlier in the day when White House press secretary Jen Psaki spoke about a five-step plan being implemented.

“In today’s briefing we discussed how our administration is going to devote the remainder of the summer to a special focus on five ways to make gains and getting those of you who are unvaccinated vaccinated,” Biden said. “Because here’s the deal. We are continuing to wind down the mass vaccination sites that did so much in the spring to rapidly vaccinate those eager to get their first shot, and their second shot for that matter, if they needed a second. Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes door to door, literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people, protected from the virus.”

Citing the Delta variant, Psaki said the administration “will continue its effort to work with governors, local leaders, and across the public and private sector to get more Americans vaccinated by making vaccines available in more health care settings and respond to hotspots.”

She spoke on the five-step plan being implemented, beginning with the door to door campaign.

Here are her remarks on the specific details of the plan:

“One, targeted community by community, door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is. Two, a renewed emphasis on getting the vaccines to more primary care doctors and physicians, something that we’ve seen as a very successful tactic with reaching groups with lower vaccination rates in the past few months. Three, stepped up efforts, which is complementary to my last point, to get vaccines to pediatricians and other providers who serve younger people, so that adolescents aged 12 to 18 can get vaccinated as they go for back to school checkups or get ready for fall sports. Four, continue expanding efforts to make the vaccine accessible for workers, access is an area where we’ve seen as a challenge and one where, as we’ve worked to address it, we’ve seen increase in rates. So that includes setting up vaccination clinics at workplaces and PTO, or leave that employees can take off to get vaccinated. And finally, expanding our mobile clinic efforts, meeting people where they are and making sure we’re taking the vaccine to communities.”

It’s not like skeptics did not already abound, and given stories such as a healthy 17-year-old high school student developing a heart condition after taking the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, who can blame people for being leery.

One such skeptic, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the lightning rod Republican from Georgia, went so far as to accurately point out that the COVID-19 vaccine has yet to be approved by the FDA — the vaccine was issued under an emergency use authorization.

Taking to Twitter, Greene claimed the vaccine is being used as “a political tool used to control people.”

“People have a choice, they don’t need your medical brown shirts showing up at their door ordering vaccinations,” she said. “You can’t force people to be part of the human experiment.”

The reference to “brown shirts” comes on the heels of the freshman GOP lawmaker’s controversial response to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., continuing a mask mandate in the House. Greene likened the effort to “a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star and they were definitely treated like second class citizens, so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in **** Germany.”

Greene was not the only lawmaker pushing back on the government sending people to knock on doors.

If Trump had suggested this, Twitter literally would not have the bandwidth to be able to display the high volume of Hitler references.

Joe Biden-What you get when you order a president and get a cheap Chinese knockoff instead.

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Liberals are idiots....they want people to think Republicans are the only ones refusing the vaccine when in truth it is all people of all races refusing it. Why are there blacks in most of the  the ads pushing for people to take it IF it is only white Republicans refusing! Old China Joe and Heels up Harris supposedly had their shot...but still wear masks...albeit for photo ops, but still, how much confidence in the vaccine are the liberals showing??? But, no one ever said liberals were smart. If they were smart they wouldn't be liberals. Then we have dems claiming Covid deaths are down...some say by 80%. Odd when they claim so many are refusing the vaccine. They need to make up their minds.

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Joe's Door-to-Door Vaccine Evangelists

“Literally knocking on doors.” You mean you’re not going to “figuratively” knock on doors, Joe?

I suppose it could be worse, Joe could show up with an axe and just smash his way in.

Look, I’m already vaccinated and still, I find this entirely inappropriate.

First of all, how the hell are they going to know who needs to hear about the Good News from the Gospel According to Pfizer? Do they have a list of names and addresses of people who haven’t gotten the COVID shot? If so, who violated HIPAA to get that information to them?

Or are they just going to go door-to-door and take their chances that the person inside is one of the dreaded “vaccine hesitant?”

And who exactly will be Joe’s door-to-door vaccine evangelists anyway? I’m assuming it isn’t going to be an army of medical professionals who have been granted the right to review your medical history. More than likely, knowing how Democrats roll, these Joe-hovah’s Witnesses are going to be non-profit “progressive” community groups. And let’s be honest, your medical decisions are none of their **** business.

Speaking as someone who got vaccinated after discussing it with my doctors, here’s what I plan to do if these door-to-door vaccine evangelists turn up at my house. I’m going to tell them to get the hell off my property or I’ll call the police.

I’m thinking some of you guys probably have other plans — like showing up at the door armed your own shot-delivery device.

I don’t know who is making the decisions at this White House, but door-to-door harassment to try and cajole people into getting the vaccine is textbook government overreach.

Nobody needs a visit from Joe’s door-to-door vaccine evangelists. At this point, unless you live on a deserted Pacific island next door to some old Japanese soldier who thinks World War Two is still going on, you already have all the information you need.

This isn’t about informing people who don’t know about the vaccines. This is about pressuring people who have already decided that they don’t want to get the **** shot.

Honestly, every single time I think the Biden Administration can’t get crazier, they do something completely bug-shagging insane that totally resets the bar.

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Once during the census we completed our form and sent it in. A while later a census taker knocked at the door and ask me to give her information. I told her we had already answered the census but she insisted and assured me it would not mess up the census if I answered again. Ok...I was young so I answered her questions again. Lo and behold...a few months later another census taker showed up telling me we hadn't answered the census and needed to do it then. I told her "NO...we had done it twice already and I would NOT do it again". She started telling me that by law I had to answer and started her questioning. I told her to leave and go do what she had to do but I was not going to do it a third time. She tried her threats again and I told her I was calling the police and she and they could figure it out. I had a HUGE black Labrador that wouldn't hurt a bunny rabbit but she didn't know that...and I called him to the door and told her I was going to let him out. She scooted then. This was years ago. Now...can you even imagine how intimidating and overbearing China Joe's brown shirts would be now that the left has lost it's mind and thinks it controls us and we have no rights?

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