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paper says Bronner wants the two million in  fund for park. Paper also says some of the tax went to construction of hotel?  It has been 12 years and only 2 million in tax?  

Bronner got the conference center for $1 a year, he can pay for work on it. 

There should be an audit on the tax money and how it has been handled. Some how I think we have been misled.  

Remember Bronner works for the rich State employee retirement fund.  He doesn't care about the people.  I remember him wanting the senate to make up for losses years ago when the stock market tanked.  While private individuals got zero help.  Do we have a independent company that will monitor and protect our interest?

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I would hope that any and all large projects funded by Tax increases would have a separate and independent audit from an independent group.  If such is done then it should be available or made available to the public. 

If there is not that process in place then I agree it should be in place to insure that what was funded was spent as it should have been.

Let's give Bronner his $2 million, but only if he retires and goes to the house.  He made some real bone headed investments with the RTC golf courses that are not being utilized, the Wise capital loan and worst of all--the Barton rail car complex.

So far, he's gotten out by the skin of his teeth, but the Barton complex is far from paying off. 

The truth is that the man was given too much authority to make investments without oversight.  And he did a bunch of dumb stuff.  It's time for him to retire as he's far past retirement age.

Politics is similar to college Football (and in many ways some Private Industry Companies) where when you fail you get to leave with a Golden Parachute.  I think every industry and group has those people that are paid far beyond  their capabilities or abilities. 

In the company that I worked for, for so many years ,things were great until they put certain people in high decision making positions where they could personally profit from bad decisions.  The real unfortunate thing was that the bad decisions they made would affect tens to hundreds of people's lives in a very negative way.  I saw job eliminations that were totally unnecessary but succeeded in achieving a huge reward or bonus, for the upper management individual who was able to eliminate the positions while many. at my level and around me, had responsibility to make up for the loss of essential personnel  which in some cases we were able to do but most of the time the end result was that the company  actually suffered rather than profited by the decision.    Sorry I digress, things like this, that affect people's livelihood do anger and upset me.  Guess that's why I never made it to the higher level management positions.

I know.  I just wanted to get my message across that Bronner really screwed up on the golf courses--big, big losing propositions.  He got out of Wise by the skin of his teeth, and the Barton complex is not yet out of the woods.  Navistar bet the company on a non DEF heavy truck engine that failed, and the first blip in the truck business and they're out of business.

sorry to hear the golf courses are losing.   although the conf. center used to do much for the local area before all this. the whole thing has been good for the area. I just hate the elected misleading, for 10 plus years there has been a tax for a purpose. Has the money been used for other purposes?  It shouldn't be used to bail out Bronner.  How much do they make on the hotel? use that money for the conf. center upgrade. 

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