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You can check any sports score here:


It's usually on there the same night of the game, long before anything will turn up on the Times Daily website. I run the Mars Hill Basketball site and I use this place to get the scores if I'm not able to go to the game. It's usually the next day before the TD will post anything.

The TD staff certainly doesn't bend over backwards to give us good HS coverage, but some of the coaches are to blame too. It's up to a coach to call in the stats/notes/score from the game. If the coach can't do it then he/she should have a designated parent(s) to do it for them.

In this case you should mention it to the coach and then see if you can get some parents to be responsible for it. If the coach is calling it in and TD is just not reporting it, then you need to complain to the TD sports staff, write a letter to the editor and post it on here. There are ways to bring accountability, even to the most accountability-free profession of all.

To DaveRichardson: Coach Creekmore did the best he could with the talent he had. No team he ever had ever could have gotten past Deshler. And I used to play for him. He was a fair coach who expected alot from his players. Especially integrity. Those who have a problem with him either probably had a child with less talent than they thought, or expected him to buy into the politics of the game just because of who the child's parents were...and he didn't do that. Sorry your child wasn't that great.

Originally Posted by MonkeysUncleByMarriage:
We try to cover as much as possible over at I am a Brooks graduate myself but I haven't gotten out to a lot of the girl's games. But we do have some pictures on the website too from some of the girls volleyball games and allow our users to upload photos and videos. Check it out at


Is this still going?

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