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Did anyone see what happened after the game. I've heard that the coaches and ball players for Central acted extremely unsportsman after the game and that the Lauderdale County Sheriffs department had to be called to have Central moms and dads removed so that the Brooks band could leave the parking lot after the game.

Life is so good!

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I was at the game,  after the game was over it was sad to see how Central coaches made their players leave the field without shaking hands with Brooks players. I think that the Central community as a whole should give Brooks players and school a written apology.  I did notice when Brooks football players did their prayer circle that a few Central players had the courage to join them.

The players left the field under the direction of the school administration.  Because there had been several incidents during the game the decision was made to get the players off the field quickly.  The coaches did stay on the field and talk to the Brooks coaches and players.  There was a lot of talking back and forth between both teams.  It could have easily escalated to something out of hand had both teams met at midfield.   


I am a PROUD Central parent and that did NOT happen. Let me tell you what did happen. Lots of trash talk from Brooks players on fb to our players (Including pics of our players with an x over them). Our locker room was spray painted the the night before the game and the jv players had to see this at 6:30 Friday morning before the game. Two Brooks players were taunting the sidelines and the fans (#61 and #3). It was the blatant lack of sportsmanship that the Central coaches didn't allow our players to go out midfield. They were trying to prevent an emotional situation from getting worse. Sheriff deputies are at ALL games and did not have to disperse any Central fans. Jerry Hill used to coach at Central and he would have never let his boys there act like the thugs the Brooks players acted like on that field. You should really stop listening to rumors!

I dont know about the incident after the game, but shame on you for singling out #3 and #61.  I am sure our kids were just as hyped up about the game as Central kids were.  Especially after they had heard all year from Central kids how they were going to get beat.  Central beats Brooks one time in 10 years and all of a sudden they think they are unstoppable.  But that is the beside the point.


I too was at the game, and while you point out #3 and #61 for brooks, perhaps you should have taken off your cardinal colored glasses and noticed the numerous kids for Central who were taunting and being unsportsmanlike during the game.   The big kid you guys use at fullback, phenomenal player, but his mouth runs 24/7.    It goes both ways.


And to assume Brooks kids did the spray painting, is just that.. an assumption. 


I did find it humorous, that as I was walking out some teenage girl from Central was talking to someone else and said "I am so embarrassed, I do not want to go to school Monday.  I mean, my God, we got beat by Brooks."  I said "You do realize you have gotten beat by Brooks 10 out of the last 11 years right?"   She really didnt have a retort.  


Im with Bamacarl, nothing like a good ol county rivalry.


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