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“The World Is the Audience” – STEVE BANNON ON FIRE! (VIDEO)


Steve Bannon, the Former Chief Strategist of President Trump, went on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning

Steve Bannon agrees with President Trump that Hunter Biden, whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff and Inspector General Atkinson and others.

And Steve hinted that he is advising the president on what he calls “The Trial of the Century.”

Steve Bannon:  They oppose his policies.  Freedom and capitalism are resonating around the world…  They (Democrats) see this trial on CSPAN with some tight legal arguments.  I think President Trump, and he did this on Laura Ingraham the other night, he called for an expanded witness list, was he understands the jury is NOT the Senate.  The Jury is the American people but the audience is the world!  They’re watching on the streets of Taipei, they’re watching in Hong Kong, they’re watching in Tehran, they’re watching to see if the established order can back down Donald Trump.  And Donald Trump has the ability to win here.  That’s why I’ve been calling it  the trial of the century.  He calls it the crime of the century.  It is the crime of the century.  It should be treated like that.  That’s why on Laura Ingraham he walked through the witnesses he wants.  I think those witnesses have to be called…    Some of these moderate senators want to call Bolton and Mulvaney, and emails and OMB, bring em!  What do they have to show?  Donald Trump did nothing wrong!…

The established order was appeasers.  They appeased the Chinese communist party, they appeased the mullahs.  He stood up to that.  And he showed you in the crime of the century we should have the whistleblower up.  We should have Hunter Biden up.  We should have the gentleman Horowitz who wrote the IG Report.  We should have those people up and they should testify.


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