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ack Hammer posted:

I made 100%.

I was also qualified to be a Russian.

I don't have a problem with Russians...if we're going to be taken over I'd rather be taken over by them than Middle Easterners...illegals or some of the other trash the left seems to love so much. At least they're Christians.

Do they celebrate Easter in Russia?

If you are traveling in Russia during Easter time, you'll notice that for religious Russians, usually Russian Orthodox, Easter is one of the most important Russian holidays, surpassing even Christmas in importance.

The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Easter according to the Orthodox calendar, and so it can occur in April or May. Like many countries in Eastern Europe, Russians celebrate Easter with decorated eggs, special foods, and customs. For example, it's customary for many Russians to thoroughly clean their house before the Easter holidays, similar to the American version of "spring cleaning." However, Easter day is observed as a day of rest and a time for the family to gather.

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