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I don't eat fast food often. When I do, I normally go to relatively healthy places like subway, chick fil-a, etc. I normally visit chick fil-a in regency square mall.

The quality of service in this place has REALLY gone down hill. I went two week. The lady in front of me wanted some type of wrap, a coke zero, and some parfait. Well, the girl at the register informed her they didnt have the wraps, the coke zero, or the parfait. Then she actually insisted that the lady go to the chick fil-a across the street if she wanted all of that. Well, the lady did.

Then it was my turn. I got my usual grilled chicken and fruit cup. Well, the fountain drink machine has diet caffeine free coke, coke zero and diet drpepper. Since I heard her say they were out of coke zero, I asked for a diet drpepper. Surprise, they were out of that too! I gritted my teeth and said "fine give me caffeine free diet coke." The girl said "im sorry sir, that is out too!"... I said "you mean to tell me you don't have any diet drinks at all?".. the girl replied "no sir the co2 is messed up. but the chick fil-a across the parking lot has them." I finally just said "fine forget it" and went on to the other one.

Fast forward 2 weeks to today. I went in to get my usual. I wanted a coke zero with my meal..HAHA! SHOCK!..they were out of coke zero...didn't have diet drpepper either. They did have diet caffeine free coke. To top it off, my fruit cup had a hair in it.

I don't see myself ever going back to the regency square mall chick fil-a.
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"What type of mall has no book store and no music store?"

Most don't anymore. Waldenbooks has been downsizing for years. B. Dalton is completely gone as of this month, and there actually isn't a lot of Bookland's left (Most are Books and Company's now and are in neighborhoods, not malls) Transworld, which own record stores like FYE and Wherehouse have been downsizing as well. Most people get their music online now. .
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SweetPea is right. Not only is the mall in shambles, but it looks like the whole city of Florence is crumbling.

Yes, I see new hotels being built everywhere, but I also see empty buildings and empty parking lots everywhere.

I lived in Florence for 28 years and moved to Huntsville for a job. Every time I come back to Florence to visit my family, it kind of depresses me when I arrive in Florence.

I really think the Florence City Council needs to open up their closed minds and open up to new ideas.
It's not just the mall, but pretty much the whole area. At first I thought it was just because I was getting used to where I live now and it's faster pace but then I realized that other then hotels, I haven't seen a lot of progress like I have in areas just down the street like Athens or even Molton. You mostly see things going into disrepair or being torn down outright. About the only thing I can say that has changed in the past decade is that the area is a little more diverse.
That's why I always go to Tupelo to Barnes Crossing if I can help it--love the Barnes & Noble they have plus their stores are a lot better.

The last time we were in the Chick Fil-A in the mall I noticed the sign--I was disappointed they didn't have cole slaw as I always get it with my meal. It was busy due to the holiday rush but nobody even looked like they were trying to clean the tables and everything was a bit chaotic with the cooks, clerks, etc.

We just save the drama and go thru the drive thru if we want Chick Fil-A in Florence nowadays!

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