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I LOVE A Christmas Story! One of my newest favorites is It's A Wonderful Life. I just watched it for the first time ever and it really is a great movie! I also love How the Grinch Stole Christmas and I LOVE LOVE LOVE falala Lifetime Christmas Movies... any of them will do! Smiler My children's favorite is Polar Express.
...and if you do, could you film that & put it on youtube for us? Big Grin

I love Charlie Brown Christmas, too. My favorite part is when they sing "Hark the herald angels sing.." with their heads back and all you can see is their mouths. It cracks me up every time.

We watch "It's a Wonderful Life" every year. When my daughter was little, she's say "let's watch that crazy George Bailey". There's so much wisdom in that movie.

read, I saw "Rudolph" this week. I had forgotten how much I like it. I never liked the Baby New Year one with Rudolph in it, but love the original movie.

Has "Frosty" been on yet? I will have to buy it if it's not coming on. I need to look through the TV Guide online so I won't miss my favs.
My oldest child and I watched To Kill A Mockingbird together for the first time. I usually watch every time it comes on TV but I encouraged her to watch it with me this year. I think it will be our Christmas tradition every year although it's not a Christmas movie. Still, Harper Lee gave us the message of acceptance and truth in the wake of societal norms that should be challenged. What a phenomenal story!

Has anyone heard that the actual author was Truman Capote?
Originally posted by gail.marks123:
Originally posted by ^PuF^:
Tonight was my 44th year of watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Smiler
Snoopy dancing on the piano is my favorite part.

my sis said i need an

How old were you when you watched it the first time, PuF??
(sshh...We'll figure out her ageWink )

LOL....I'll make it easy for you..i was born in '55, it came out in '65, and today i am exactly 53 and 1/2.

half a birthday to me, half a birthday to me, half a birthday too meeee-eee, half a birthday to me Big Grin
(i use to do 1/2 birthday cake and ice cream for my kids and
Has anyone heard that the actual author was Truman Capote?

FYI - Did some research on this. Capote wrote a letter to his aunt in Alabama talking about Nelle Harper Lee's book and saying it was quite good. Many authors only have one book in them. Guess Lee's was Mockingbird. Too bad. She was so wonderfully talented.

If you love the movie, check out Elmer Bernstein. He wrote the score to it and countless other movies. I found the score to Mockingbird on Amazon last night. Hope Santa puts it in my stocking!!

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