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I did not grow up a country music fan, but when Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Blake Shelton, and others came along that caused me to change my mind about this particular music. With that said I watched the three hour CMA Awards last night. It was filled with mostly music and very little talking. The other award shows need to use this as an example of how an award show should be produced. No lengthy political assassinations, no filthy comments, music, or gestures. No giving the stage to anybody that wants to spew their venom for the rest of the county to listen to. This is the only award show in the past 10 years that I watched more than 20 minutes of and I can only assume it will be that way from now on. 

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I haven't been able to stomach so called country music in years
now since everything is factory made and one wouldn't
deviate from the style of any part of it.
Was a time when you could just about know the singer and/or
the song from any genre when the music starts. But then there
was actual talent during the production, I don't hear talent from
Country, Pop, Rock to name a few from today. Not saying there's
a total flat line going on, but between the no talent Frank Sinatra
and Martina McBride, Alison Krauss it's hard to find something
outside of that. Example would be Recently Chuck Berry left the
building, can't replace that. So all I've to say is thank Parker/Fanning
for Napster and my 3000 plus oldies. Rock on... OK I should thank
also YouTube a little..   
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