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CNN recently reinstated ban on younger Cuomo interviewing his governor brother

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's reference Thursday to a little-known former Texas mayor drew a wave of criticism given the predicament of his far more prominent older brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D.

Cuomo tweeted about ex-Mayor Tim Boyd of Colorado City, Texas, who drew extensive attention this week for scolding "lazy" citizens to not look to their local government for help during the snowstorm that left huge swaths of the state without power.

"Resign or apologize and learn and become a better leader?" Cuomo tweeted.


Cuomo was swiftly reminded of a scandal far closer to home, as the elder Cuomo faces investigations of his suspected cover-up of nursing home coronavirus deaths. He also has been accused of threatening a Democratic lawmaker for not doing more to contain the political fallout.

Not that Chris Cuomo could tweet about his brother at the moment, anyway. CNN announced this week it reinstated a ban on its 9 p.m. ET host, covering or interviewing his older brother.

The left-leaning network gave the developments last year little airtime in spite of his reversal on his nursing home policy, instead allowing the younger Cuomo to conduct friendly interviews that included family jokes and even prop comedy. The media overall gushed over Cuomo throughout 2020; CNN's Brian Stelter at one point told viewers he would pass on his advice about enduring hardships to his own children.

There appeared to be some confusion in the media about whether Boyd resigned over his comments. After criticism poured in over his caustic post, Boyd wrote a follow-up saying he stood by his first missive but added he would choose his words better. He also said he had already turned in his resignation and was speaking as a private citizen, but it's not clear when he stepped down. The Dallas Morning News reported he was scheduled to lead a town meeting as recently as Feb. 9.

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