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Originally posted by junior samples:
Yall really are special folks to love white beans the way you do.Now about the Cold-Water book signing event.I heard one of the authors there had papers served on them for copy-write violations.Do any of you know who it was?

i was at the "event" most of the day. from the turnout, everyone had a great time. NO PAPERS were served!!! find something productive in your life to work on!!! for example, that green eyed monster that's riding your back!
meanwhile, you stir up interest in a book that ANYONE could have taken the initiative and produced!

on second thought, keep up the good work...
there's no such thing as "bad publicity" in the publishing world.
Originally posted by Camille:
I heard it's on Amazon. Of course if Amazon actually sells any and violates a court order, that's not a good thing.
I wonder if Amazon sends that check directly to the library?

and when no copyright violations are found...
someone's gonna owe a lawyer a lot of money for nothing! Roll Eyes
Court order? Oh, I hear somebody's going to post it online...right next to Obama's Kenyan birth certificate and that memo from the social security department with all the 666's in it. I can hardly wait.

I did hear that the heir to the Landrum estate asked anyone on FB to remove any Landrum photos. That was from all FB pages, not just Remembering Florence. That's his/her right. When you take a small fact like that and distort and add to, it just makes you look either not too smart or not too nice.

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