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River Runner posted:

It's hard to watch him grope little girls and see their horrified faces. Jeff Sessions swatted his hand away from his granddaughter when he tried to put his hands on her. People have talked about him groping little girls and women for years.....but the left doesn't seem to care.

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They must be trying to follow Trump's example of a path to the White House. Grab'em by the crotch.

Republican hypocrisy is so funny. They can elect a guy who pays to sleep with **** stars, has kids with his girlfriend while married, so many accusations about sexual misconduct I've lost count, but can't wait to talk about a Democrat. The very textbook definition of hypocrisy. You can't make this stuff up.

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Jack Hammer posted:

JFK...FDR and wife...LBJ...Bill w/the Blue dress on....J. Edwards couldn't wait

for his wife to die... RFK and a thousand more.

Edwards is especially hideous. His poor wife...dying from cancer was campaigning for him while he was paying her back by getting his mistress pregnant.

Don't forget Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, which he left her to die from the car he wrecked and flipped upside down in water, after leaving a party of 5 single ladies and 5 married men. Ted stated they were going swimming.(In the wee hours of the morning) Some say there was alcohol involved. But since Ted didn't report the accident until 10 hours later and the body was later recovered. No Alcohol test was given to Ted. Mary Jo's parents never got any real answers involving the death of their daughter and Teds involvement.  

Jack Hammer posted:
Maybe Mary Jo's parents never got any real answers involving the death of their daughter and Teds involvement but they did receive a ton of money from
the cowards and thankfully finished Teds run for the White House.  
And you know the 'too stupid to vote' cult would've put him there.

I was very young when I read the story. Even that young...with no political leanings at all...I could understand he left her to die and it was all covered up for him. He should have gone to prison.

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