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Here I stand.

I surf with Internet Explorer.

Yes, I do. e searches with IE.

However, I need to change. I know IE isn't best, and I need something better.

Here is my question:

What do YOU feel is the best internet browser, and why?

Oh... and if you recommend it, please tell me how to get it. Thanks.

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My son, who is in 3D computer graphics and all that other type of computer stuff, that I know nothing about. HeHe, He said the other day one good IE is Opera, It is free and he loves it and wants me to download it, I haven't yet, but I plan to, because I do believe and trust him, Just my Opinion. Good Luck
I have Safari and haven't put enough time into it to know if it is great or not. Hate IE with a passion. Adore Firefox. (DL at

Why Firefox? Tabbed browsing and the favorites button bar, along with add-ons that make my life a little easier. I do a lot of research so I use zotero for keeping track of all my notes. I can manipulate my iTunes through an add-on called FoxyTunes. I also like being able to post blog entries through the Firefox browser. My FTP program is also a Firefox add-on. For my kids I use a filter add-on that lets them be online and me worry free. It will do so much including block pop-ups, adware, and other junk. You can also customize the look. Right now I have space guys with a jester juggling when the page is loading. Cute Smiler

Hope this helps.
Opera most of the time, but some apps aren't very good in Opera, such as Google Pages, then I switch to Firefox or to Seamonkey. Seamonkey is good as it has a good basic HTML editor built in (old Navigator one).

I find tabbed browsing invaluable when doing research, and nothing at all to recommend IE over any of the others I mentioned.
Thanks to TSC I got Firefox and I love it.
On my old Win98 machine, IE would crash on about half of what I tried to use it on, especilly sites like newspapers that used a lot of those flashing adds, and pop-ups. Worked just fine on regular sites that didn't have a bunch of adds.
Once I downloaded Firefox, and started using it, I had no more problems with it crashing, plus it seemed to run a lot faster. Even the dial-up accellerator showed that it was running faster.
Got a new laptop with XP and the first thing I did was download Firefox.
I have had to use IE a couple of times like when I have gone to the Dell help site, they want you to run IE when they take control of your computer to fix something, but other than that, it's all Firefox for me.
I love the Firefox. My kid uses SeaMonkey (it is sorta like Netscape). My boyfriend uses Internet Explorer. If I am on my iPod Touch, then I use Safari. If I had my druthers, I druther have Safari on my PC. But since ifs and buts ain't candy and nuts - I have to go with Firefox. Like kontan said above, the plugins rock. My favorite one blocks the TD pop ups. Oh yes, the TD's FastClick ads are no match for Ad Blocker Plus. There is also No Script that blocks all the other annoying junk, like those darn banner ads that speak. I swear, if I hear that smiley go "SAY SOMETHING" one more time...

You can get Firefox (or IceWeasel if you are on Debian Linux) from for free.
Originally posted by kontan:
TSC, just dl Safari for PC. I'm running it no problems. Still not willing to give up my add-ons with FF yet, but it isn't bad. Hear ya on ad-block LOL HATE the popups. I tried Sea Monkey but just couldn't get into it.
Last I heard Safari for PC was buggy. It locked up and ruined the whole "pseudo-Mac" experience. Have you had any freezing issues? I loved working on a Mac! Heck, if I get Safari for PC I may forget what these 2 buttons on my mouse are for! Smiler
I've been so overwhelmed with work that I haven't played with it much. No problems when I do use it. The only issues seem to be ease of use (and my lack of knowledge with it). I love my "new tab" button in FF and you have to go through file in Safari. Hasn't locked up on my and I am a serious multi-tasker. Running FF right now I have 3 tabs open, scribe-fire for a blog post, this response window, iTunes, and the AL standards word document all running fine.
As the sole authority (network admin) at my previous job, I uninstalled IE on every PC on campus (about 170 of 'em) and installed Firefox. After some initial grumbling from people who were, shall we say, resistant to change, it was universally adored.

For the novice/casual user, Firefox with the Ad-Block Plus add-on is enough to to make them forget all about IE. Imagine not seeing ads in your browser. I'm not just talking about pop-ups, either. I mean all the in-line ads on any given page. If an ad somehow slips through, you can easily right-click it and add the offending ad to the blacklist, and you'll never see it again. With a bit of practice, you can forget the individual ads and block the servers were the ads are coming from. It's cooler than the other side of the pillow.

For the advanced user, the flexibility and power you can achieve with the various other add-ons make Firefox a must-have application.

As was mentioned previously, you can download Firefox for free at

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