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I really do like the new format for the TD's website and the forum section is fantastic. I knew it was there before but never even looked at it. I hate for my first post to be critical but, there are at least five threads in the news section regarding the coaching change at Alabama. Four of these are on the first page and two of them contain a question as to why they were posted in the news forum.

The administrator needs to do a better job of moving these threads to their correct forum and enforcing the use of the other boards or else the integrity of the entire board will be undermined and the whole thing will be a mess.

I'm sure these things will be addressed, I just think now is the time, before it becomes too big a task. Otherwise I think the new forum is an excellent upgrade. Thanks for all the hard work that went into it.
"I say, ah, pay attention now son!"
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Originally posted by moms3babes2000:
Hey this may be way off base, but how would everyone like to fullfill the military children's wish too. I know they miss their mom or dad and being a single parent on the Holiday's can be pretty lonely, think about it and give me feedback, Their parent are fighting so you and I can, and America can survive.

...and speaking of correct topics placement...

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