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Glad we decided against buying a home in kendale gardens,as nice as it is, theres TONS of loose dogs runnng there,whatare people thinking??? guess they don't care what happens to their pets not to mention its so annoying to people that enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood,glad we chose Creekwood where most folks respect their neighbors and fence or leash dogs.
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As a resident of Kendale Gardens I must concur, it is rediculas. I do love the area, but the DOG's must go before someone gets killed, or maimed by these marauding packs of animals.

I called the local county mounties, and all they said that there was nothing they could do. HUH?? come on now what happens if a child gets attacked, or an older person out for a stroll gets attaked,Nothing Huh?

That same officer I conversed with over the phone got very hostile with me for suggesting that if I ever see someone get attacked they (the dog or dogs)will be taken care of, I wasn't looking for a confrontation but this officer was out of line and I told him so, where by he even threatened me with being arrested. Really?? what kind of attitude is that? I'll tell you they (the Sheriffs office, and county administration) could care less about our well being.

Wake up Lauderdale County law enforcement, and pass some laws to protect your citizens of this menace.

Simper Fi,(carry on citicizens!)
Times Daily; why was this thread removed it contained no foul language, or any othre impropriataies.?

As a relative new comer to the state of Alabama I was wondering as others I'm sure must wonder.

Although now " Sassy Kims" has enlightened me of the facts she wrote about this area not being a Municipality. In any State I have ever lived in laws are laws concerning an animal being able to harm someone, and yes I know I'm living in Alabama now.

Semper Fi (Carry on Citizens!)
Creekwood lies within the city of Florence so it is subject to Florence's leash law. Sec.4-80 (Running at Large) "It shall be unlawful for any dog to run at large inside the city limits. You may let the dog loose in your yard not confined if you can control him but if you go inside the dog must be confined. You may take your dog to the park as long as you keep it on a leash."

Kendale Gardens is not in the city limits as previously stated.

The state law includes this:

(Acts 1915, No. 477, p. 541; Code 1923, § 6073; Code 1940, T. 3, § 2.)

§ 3-1-3. Liability of owner, etc., permitting vicious or dangerous animal to be at liberty, etc., for injuries caused by same.

When any person owns or keeps a vicious or dangerous animal of any kind and, as a result of his careless management of the same or his allowing the same to go at liberty, and another person, without fault on his part, is injured thereby, such owner or keeper shall be liable in damages for such injury.

(Code 1907, § 2470; Code 1923, § 5678; Code 1940, T. 3, § 3.)

§ 3-1-4. Permitting dog or hog known to kill, etc., sheep, domestic fowl, etc., to run at large.

Any person, who, owning or having in his possession or under his control any dog or hog known to worry or kill sheep, domestic fowls or goats suffers such dog or hog to run at large must, on conviction, be fined not less than $5.00 nor more than $50.00.

(Code 1876, § 4405; Code 1886, § 4171; Code 1896, § 5591; Code 1907, § 6236; Code 1923, § 3219; Code 1940, T. 3, § 4.)

§ 3-1-5. Permitting dogs to run at large; applicability of provisions of section in counties and certain cities or towns.

(a) Every person owning or having in charge any dog or dogs shall at all times confine such dog or dogs to the limits of his own premises or the premises on which such dog or dogs is or are regularly kept. Nothing in this section shall prevent the owner of any dog or dogs or other person or persons having such dog or dogs in his or their charge from allowing such dog or dogs to accompany such owner or other person or persons elsewhere than on the premises on which such dog or dogs is or are regularly kept. Any person violating this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not less than $2.00 nor more than $50.00.

(b) This section shall not apply to the running at large of any dog or dogs within the corporate limits of any city or town in this state that requires a license tag to be kept on dogs nor shall this section apply in any county in this state until the same has been adopted by the county commission of such county.

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