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After Sarah Sanders was refused service at a restaurant because she works for President Donald Trump, she took to Twitter to express her disbelief with the entire situation.

While some people applauded the restaurant owner for upholding her “morals,” countless Americans came to Sanders’ defense by leaving scathing reviews on the restaurant’s Yelp and Facebook pages.

And just as the controversy was beginning to blow over, comedian Kathy Griffin did what she does best and inserted herself into a situation in a desperate plea for attention.

Griffin replied to Sanders’ tweet by telling her to stop complaining, managing to also appear to call the press secretary fat along the way.

“Look Doll, now that you’ve been recruited as the entire defense of line for the Dallas Cowboys, just enjoy life,” Griffin tweeted. “Quit bi***ing,” she added.

Surely as she expected, the tweet was almost instantly met with outrage and disgust, causing yet another largely unnecessary Twitter storm surrounding the fallen-from-grace comedian.

Time and again, it seems as though she believes the best way to insult President Trump is to mock those close to him. But thankfully, not everyone agrees, and Twitter immediately fired back, pointing out quite a few flaws in Griffin’s thoughtless tweet.

Some told Griffin she shouldn’t make fun of people for the way they look, since that’s something she clearly wasn’t taught in middle school. Others hit right back at her with a few unflattering photos of her from across the internet.

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