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Need some advice - a neighbor that I am connected to at the corner of my lot has sprayed some type of poison in their back yard.  Whatever it was they sprayed has killed a huge oak tree in the neighbors yard behind mine and at least two oak trees in the lot next to mine.  These are HUGE trees and they are not right on the property line.  One of my trees might be affected as well, its hard to tell yet.


We initially thought the trees were infected with some parasite, but since all the rain, we have noticed that the run off from their back yard quickly killed the grass all the way to the street (the yard has a privacy fence so we cant see whats back there easily.)


I really dont care if they kill everything in their yard - but if these trees are dead then they will have to be cut down and that wont be cheap.  For the time being, I'd like to at least know what poison has been used so close to where my daughter plays.  This stuff has to be pretty strong for the trees to pull it up through the roots like they have.  Who (locally - colbert county) should we reach out to for assistance?

Beam me up, Scotty, there's no intelligent life here......

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3 years ive been here and never met them, Dont know much about them at all.  I dont think this is a good deal to meet the neighbors over, no good can come of that.  From what the other neighbors have said, their (green) swimming pool is probably our mosquito problem as well, so i dont think they care much about anyone else.  


Guess im going to make some calls Monday morning

Any herbicide that is potent enough to do that kind of damage is very likely one that can be legally applied only by by a trained and certified herbicide applicator. If your neighbor bought and applied a "restricted use pesticide" without the requisite training and certification, he apparently has broken the law.  Here is some background on this from EPA.



I want to apologize for my tasteless remark regarding the loss of your trees.


Not necessarily using this as an excuse, but when I lost $35,000 trees to a tornado, all heard from some Bama buddies was Harvey this and Up**** that.  I'm better than that.


In retrospect, it wasn’t especially funny when they meant it to be then nor now no matter who says it.


But at least we can both agree, sometimes a tree is more than a tree.

Originally Posted by unclegus:
Captain. I once had the same dealings once with the government agency's with a very similar issue. my Friend called one of the news stations from Huntsville and they had someone on it in a matter of minutes.

I agree. They do get results.  Nobody wants to be pulled apart on television. It's just not good for business. 

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