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Forum Republicans...

How about you post a few topics on what the GOP platform contains?

You've made dozens of topics about what you dislike/hate about Democrats. How about instead of just complaining about Democrats, you start telling your own platform? You're never gonna 'recruit' anyone to 'your team' by constantly complaining about 'the other team'. Perhaps, if you guys would concentrate more on what the GOP platform contains and less on what you 'hate', you'd get some people to listen. As it stands, the 3-5 of you posting simply confirm each other's bias and pat each other on the back for being the 'same'.

Just an observation/suggestion.... one I fully expect to fall on deaf ears.

Republicans - What you get when you order Patriots and get cheap Russian knockoffs instead.

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this has been answered several times.  I am conservative/libertarian not Republican.  this answer could be long, however to keep short. Smaller government, less government interference, lower taxes are the basics However you know this.  When federal government throws blanket on things it doesn't fit everyone.  NY isn't same as Alabama, Calif. isn't same as Missouri.  Close the borders, vet those entering. Immigrants should be able to support themselves not add to a over crowded social programs. 

empty the swamp.

I'm not interested in your personal views... posted in this topic.. how about you expand on those ideas.. how Republicans support 'less government' or 'smaller government' into topics on the forum.. instead of all the same old tired whining about 'Democrats/Biden'?

30+ topics about what you all hate about Democrats...
0 topics on why you think what Republicans are doing is wonderful.

See the difference?

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your not interested in my personal views? yet expand? what is it?  Democrats get bashed cuz they are in control. Not only congress, but DOJ, FBI, IRS and about every other department plus media.  Nothing done about Adam Snhiff Russia lies.

paris agreement was a bad program, with more of taxpayer money going out of the country.  Trump (USA first) out, Biden (China) in, how is that good? Covid relief, 90% of money went to those that didn't need it.  Vax plan was done by Trump administration. 

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