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I just gt around to looking at this weeks Courier Journal and on the front page, is a head line “Asking: Does God Exist?”. It is announcing a debate between two UNA students set for 7pm, Tuesday, April 20 in the Performance Center, Guillott University Center. There is no charge.
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From the folks I have spoken with and talked to or heard from the general consensus is that the Christian representative started strong but shortly afterward failed to defend the position of the existence of God and most feel that the atheist clearly won the debate or at the very least shook God's defender. This is not surprising, at least to me. As a Christian I am not the least bit in doubt as to God's existence as I have answered that question with full satisfaction in my own mind.

The debate of if there is a God is a foolish debate to get into as from any scientific or physical standpoint proving God is an impossibility to anyone. Can God be proved? I believe the existence of God may never be satisfactorily proved but what can be achieved, with the right person and position is to actually establish a valid question as to IF God can or does exist. The reason proving God's existence is and will be impossible, is because God is Spirit and exist in a Spiritual Realm but Christians and other Religions attempt to prove the existence of God by either attempts to Prove God from a Physical standpoint or by allowing the humanization of God and definition in Physical terms. God (I believe) does exist but does so in a Spiritual realm and the only way that 100% indisputable proof will be recognized by anyone, in the Physical Realm is when God's Holy Spirit convicts the person of their Sin and calls to that person. Then and only then can an unsaved gentile feel a demonstration of God's power. What they attribute that to is for that specific person. To the Christian, once Saved, God's Holy Spirit resides within that Christian's physical body along with that person's inner spirit/soul bearing witness of God's power and fulfilling the promise of God via the "Fruits of the Spirit. Those fruits, to the Christian, are an outward testimony of an inner change or changes within that person that can be brought about only by God's life changing and altering power. Those inner, and outward, changes and the manifestation of God's Spirit could be said to be circumstantial but enough Christians can voice testimony that surely any sane and responsible person could potentially have some curiosity or question as to the source of so many similar and common changes and experiences.

It is not a physical thing but rather a Spiritual which is separate and apart from any Physical being or experience yet ever bit as valid and real.

Congratulations to the anti-God debater for his consensus victory. For those fellow atheist they can bask in a physical victory yet for any truly saved Christian there is no need for confirmation to be found from an external source and thanks to all for a very lively and considerate debate it was good to see that so many were in attendance and regardless of how many were for which position it seemed that both sides were prepared and studied and seemingly considerate of the other's position as well as considerate toward the overall audience.

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