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I think most people are fairly sure about where I stand with regards to Trump versus Biden and as far as who I think would make the better president or actually made the best president. In my opinion Biden is a disaster, has been a disaster, and the only thing he's 100% successful at is being the worst president in American history as far as I can tell.

All that said, I'm totally behind Joe Biden choosing not to debate Trump if he still chooses not to. In my opinion Trump set this example when he refused to debate his competitors and the Republican primary race. I can understand his reasoning in choosing not to debate but that's the very reason Joe Biden should choose not to debate and that is it does not bode well for him to do so.

If Trump had debated his opponents in the primaries I would say and be totally behind his calls for Biden to debate him but with the example that Trump set I cannot condemn Biden for choosing not to debate Trump if he so chooses. It's really sad that we can't see the two together because I know what it would show or feel I know what it would show but either way I'm behind Joe Biden for doing exactly what Trump did. Donald Trump has no reason to condemn Biden for doing exactly what he did.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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One President was constantly saying what he feels about every minority group without thought to how his words as President might offend actual citizens of the very country he was supposed to lead, which showed in the results he got as President, hatefulness, became the norm under Trump, unrest was occurring from sea to shining sea, the onset of the Rightwing politicians attacking/maligning America’s own cities completely ignoring any solutions to how to make American Cities better, just political attacks to make you feel that he was tough, but yet he never set foot in any major American City during his presidency, obviously a first for a President presiding over a nation that includes it’s largest cities, regardless to how he feels about the people that live in those cities, they’re Americans just like you and just like me.   You may feel it’s just words, but when you look at hate crime statistics the numbers all went up thanks to Trump.  That’s not the work of a Great President trying to unite his country to make it better, that’s a President who was hell bent on divide and conquer, and a divided country is a weakened country, just as Putin had hoped for.   There is no debate necessary, if you want more chaos, vote for Trump, if you want calm, steady, less hateful country you vote for Biden. The Biden Administration has done no harm to this country as evident by its still booming economy, record high stock market, record low unemployment.  The risk of bringing Chaotic Trump back into our Government is not worth it, he is a proven liar, a populist just like Hitler, and the many other authoritarians in the past that used the exact same tactics as Trump in order to gain power, not sure why it’s not obvious to you guys, but from outside the bubble it looks nutty at best.  Praying for Christians to awake from their Hateful Rhetoric towards fellow Christians before it’s too late.  

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