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Arizona's, Trump hating, Senator, Jeff Flake has joined with the Democrats in achieving an FBI Investigation that is supposedly restricted in scope and limited in time to one week.  Next, brace yourselves, more accusations will come forth during this week, out of the blue.  Democrats will then be saying one week is not enough, something already alluded to by Mrs. Ford's attorney.  By the way, accusing the Judge is very profitable as word has it that the go fund me page set up for her has over $700,000.00 donated to Mrs. Ford.  Wonder who all that money comes from?

Notice that it is ALWAYS the Republicans that cave and give in.  That's one strong suite about Democrats, even though they are on the wrong side of most everything they always stick together with no detractors messing up their agenda.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Kraven posted:
Fake Flake didn't cave, if anyone believes he would ever vote with
Trump hasn't listened to a dam thing.. He's always been a Rino
in the McCain swamp lizard camp---- 

Candace Owens Drops A Truth Bomb On Jeff Flake And Warning To America

Candace Owens: Jeff Flake has just indicated that mob rule and radical feminism are the manner in which our republic shall be brought to its knees.

He is proving that any and every man’s life can be crushed by the whim of an emotional woman.

He is a true American coward.

The FBI are including Ramirez and Swetnick in their investigation.  When confronted with the FBI, knowing that lying to the FBI is a crime, wonder what their song will be.  In Ramirez's case, the Trump hating NYT refused the story as they found no collaborating witnesses.  In Swetnick's case, I haven't heard of any witnesses, either.  When she signs the deposition, the FBI should have a Maryland sheriff or state investigator standing by to read her the Miranda statement.  Then charge her with sexual abuse as she was a 19 year old woman cavorting with 15 and 16 year old boys. 

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