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The wondrous Taliban whom we, the US vanquished, some years ago account of supporting terrorist training against the men who took the planes and carried out 911 years ago against the homeland.  Today one of the very leaders and future leader of Afghanistan is but a Gutanamo Bay prisoner that was let out, by Democrats Joe Biden & Obama in a swap for a known demonstrated trailer and runway called Bo Burdgdahl or something like that.

Now this Getmo released leader who was said to be "no one of concern" comes back to the battlefield, something we were told he wouldn't do, and now he is of concern and in fact giving a "RED LINE" of August 30, 2021 to American Troops and to Biden as when to totally be out of Afghanistan.  

Silly us, silly Americans thinking that it is us that issue Red Lines or lines in the sand only to do nothing when they are crossed.  I do hove a feeling that if Biden does not have all Americans and troops out by August 30 that there will be preplanned attacks against Americans and equipment in country all knowing that if an American or innocent is killed by them it will be Biden who whimpers away shaking his finger looking for corn pop to make it better and telling us how he really won this episode in American History.  

Sadly what it also signals and tells people, allies that is, is that the current occupant in the office, a Democrat and Biden, will cut and run and not have their back in any squeamish.  I'm sure that the folks in Taiwan and South Korea feel very sound tonight as are the people in some of the Old Communist republics such as Poland, Ukraine, and Crimeria.  Folks like Putin, China, and yes North Korea have received the greatest unwarranted christmas gift that could be.  Access to sensitive and current military equipment as well as troops that are ill equipped to confront aggressors against say Japan, Taiwan, 'Vietnam, and 'South Korea and even potentially Israel.  All these setbacks and horrors account of one person or one man or one group entirely and that of those Democrats who put into power ole sleepy Joe and VP Harris who both are there to implement designed and destined program me.  Ultimatly it isn't 'Biden or Harris that is responsible nor the Democrats in Washington but it rest solely on the millions that voted to put these people in office only to then see the unlimited and unmitigated damage they could achieve.  

IF Red lines were going to be drawn it should have been Americans, Generals and military people drawing them with Washington's blessingsadn out front.  Then if the red line was crossed .. one American or helper killed them exact 10 to 100 combatants lives for each one including these new leaders and their families.  We can find them, know where they are so pound then into submission and copulation with our overwhelming power even if it means we stay longer and take more land back.  If exit is what the people want then exit but do so with a logical plan that all our people knew how it would be implemented and how to take their intrepretors

This is only a small bit of what you get when you put incompetence into office. Republicans and Republicans knew Joe wasn't up to the task and most democrats, behind the scenes knew so now they are ultimatlyd

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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