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I was watching part of Jesse Waters tonight and one part dealt with some of the items of emphasis that the military gives recruits in training, under our Democratic administration.  

First was the Army's training about CRT or Critical Race Theory and the definition of "Whiteness" training candidates and recruits on how they are abusers and offenders of minorities and secretly promoting their Whiteness and White Privilege in life.  

The second was the Navy and a specially recorded session was given by two obvious liberals emphasizing the use of Pronouns and their abuse and how they offend others depending on what pronouns are used.  

These are apparently important items in training, in the government's opinion, and quite likely sows dissension among the troops and new recruits where there may not have been before.  We are now facing an ever-increasing aggressive World of enemies that are challenging the World Order what with Russia's new aggression, China's looming invasion of Taiwan, and Iran's pending creation of a Nuclear weapon while at the same time threatening Israel's very existence and then there is North Korea's aggressive talk and actions toward South Korea, Japan, the USA along with the rest of the free world.  With so much pending aggression and aggressive actions playing out and China's ever-increasing militarization and improving technology, you would think that our military would concentrate on many other things but today that is not the case.

I fear for our nation's future and what may lie ahead for my children and grandchildren's lives.  Heck things are moving so fast that it's possible that some of the fears I have will materialize within my own lifetime.  I still do believe that a two-party (or more) system is beneficial to the health of our democracy however as it is with our current two-party system one of the major parties has skewed itself so far to the left (radical left/liberal) side that they have ceased being aligned with a democratic system but rather leans toward socialism and qazi communism but either way a system non-conformant to and with our Constitution and the nation as formed.  The problem is that the Democratic party needs to be reformed from within and a more right-leaning number of politicians introduced into the party.  

Both the Republican and Democratic party benefits from diversity from within their own party however that diversity does not exist in either as it did in the past.  Today parties are more polarized than ever before and compromise is as elusive as trying to grab and hold a greased pig (sorry maybe a bad analogy).  As it stands now, as the parties are aligned and populated there is no choice but to support the Republican party, as it is now, or move away from the constitution and the nation that our founders formed and created.  

What I'm trying to say is the Democratic party is not the Democrats of the 1950's and 1960's and has become so anti-American (American as America as founded by our forefathers and the Constitution) and has become a non-negotiable, non-compromise party that has an agenda to totally and fundamentally change America to be their own envision of a liberal utopia being totally socialist or semi-communistic feeling that they could pull it off but the establishment of a one-party system at the elimination of any competition and total power and control.  They believe that is obtainable through the addition of two new states (Puerto Rico and Washington DC,) securing control of the Senate and the stacking of the Supreme Court with new (liberal) justices, and securing elections with the legalization of millions of new Illegal citizens that will be given the right to vote.   Republicans may not be perfect but they are still honoring the Constitution and care about the nation as it existed and was formed.   I do believe that the Republican's Conservative leanings and policies also are necessary to bring our nation out of its current problems and re-establishment of a capitalistic system where anyone can achieve the American dream.  Our nation is strong when we grow from conflict and from experience and when all sides have a  seat at the table but what we have achieved (in my own opinion) is that the table remains the same but both sides have moved to the total (opposite) ends of the table thus the elimination of many avenues and abilities to compromise for the betterment of our nation as a whole.  I could be wrong but that's my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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JH1961 can you imagine training our military recruits and soldiers to be more sensitive?  We are essentially training people we should be training to KILL with extreme prejudice (although no one likes the process and actions of Wars) we are training them to be "sensitive" CARING soldiers who I wonder if they would question the need to kill/eliminate the enemy?  War is a horrible thing and we are asking, no demanding, our young soldiers to do something that goes against what many already would have a problem doing and that is taking another life however that's exactly what's required in War ... kill or be killed.  Negotiations are for the diplomats and you can be assured that those on the other side will have no sympathy or caring feelings for Americans and our soldiers but rather will eliminate all opposition whether that opposition is uniformed or not.  

A case in point is what's being done, by Russian troops, to civilians in Ukraine today.  the object of war is to win by any means necessary and by totally obliterating or having the threat to obliterate your enemy and have them know it.  Does anyone have any doubt that Japan would have never surrendered if they thought America would not drop another Nuclear weapon on Tokyo or other cities or on their precious emperor?  Weakness or the perception of weakness in war or in situations where you have one enemy against another only allows one to feed upon the other.  We are not going to overcome Russia or China or North Korea by loving them or convincing them we are just misunderstanding them yet that's what the Democrats are setting our new Military to do.   Or so it seems.

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