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Jutu posted:
Jack Hammer posted:
I've never said anything about thoughts and prayers pertaining to
school shootings. I've said before since the Dims took over the school
systems of the country the world status of Americans went to the basement
and a epidemic of school shooting became common place. 
Along with bullying and student suicides.   
I did mention thoughts and prayers for the school lunch disaster but
that got turned back around after 2016. Bon Appetit

What if you had? All of a sudden thoughts and prayers are offensive?

Nobody said thoughts and prayers were offensive, but you! Time for the GOP propaganda queen to start trying to spin the conversation.

Jack Hammer posted:
And with the next school shooting, we'll see all those thoughts and prayers. Not one thing done to protect the children, but lots of thoughts and prayers.


One thing's for sure, there was No protection for the children from
the liberal sheriff's department, while they waited hidden outside
until the shooting stopped. 

You can't be that ignorant. Not without serious effort.

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