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Imagine what we could have done with our tax dollars right here in the USA.

Port-Au-Prince: A carnival-like atmosphere prevailed on Sunday as ousted strongman Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier returned to an earthquake-ravaged Haiti desperate for any political leadership.

It is perhaps another measure of Haiti's increasing misery - following a catastrophic earthquake a year ago, a raging cholera outbreak and an ongoing political crisis - that the leader who was driven out by popular protests in 1986 and accused of pillaging the treasury is now seen by many as a hero.

Obama announces $100 million for Haiti
From NBC's Athena Jones
WASHINGTON -- Calling Haiti a top priority that would involve every element of America's national capacity, the president on Thursday announced $100 million in aid to help with relief efforts in the devastated country.

The money is only an initial investment, one the president said would grow over the coming year as the United States helps with long term aid efforts in one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, a place still struggling to recover after a spate of hurricanes two years ago.
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