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Everything Wrong With Congress's Plan To Gift Zelensky Cash (

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky received a hero’s welcome in the U.S. capital yesterday, just as Congress is poised to award him another $45 billion in its mammoth inflationary spending bill.

It may be Zelensky’s first time leaving Ukraine since the war with Russia began, but it’s not his first time appearing before an American audience to beg for more money. And it certainly won’t be his last. Already, Zelensky is prepared to use his congressional address to complain that the beaucoup bucks the U.S. has thrown at Ukraine in the last 10 months — more than $100 billion total if the omnibus passes — is still “not enough.”

Despite the financial strain Ukraine has put on the United States, the swamp is ready to welcome Zelensky with open arms. You wouldn’t know it from corporate media coverage, but that’s problematic. Here’s why.

Americans Simply Don’t Approve

If Americans overwhelmingly reject going to war with Russia on behalf of Ukraine, which polling since the beginning of the conflict has said they do, Congress shouldn’t be spending money that indicates the U.S. is willing to prolong a war by whatever means necessary.

Contrary to Mitch McConnell’s claims, spending taxpayer dollars on a proxy war in Eastern Europe is not high on the priority list for Republican or Democrat voters.

If Americans overwhelmingly reject going to war with Russia on behalf of Ukraine, which polling since the beginning of the conflict has said they do, Congress shouldn’t be spending money that indicates the U.S. is willing to prolong a war by whatever means necessary.

Throwing Dollars at Ukraine Escalates Rather than Ends the War

Nearly half of Americans want their government to urge Ukraine to negotiate a peace settlement. Instead of heeding the voters’ wishes, the Swamp extends Ukraine’s ability to fight with more funds, weapons, and verbal support. Money for Zelensky solidifies U.S. involvement in a war that Congress never voted to declare.

Cash for Ukraine Takes Away from Necessary U.S. Spending

While Congress funnels tens of billions of dollars to protect the border of a foreign country, our country’s border is virtually nonexistent. Each day, thousands of illegal border crossers pour into the southern United States.

These migrants put a physical and financial strain on our immigration system and cities all around the nation. Yet Congress, specifically Senate Republicans, repeatedly refuse to leverage their influence for funding to secure our border.

Funding an Overseas War When Americans Struggle to Afford Basics Is the Wrong Choice

While Congress ships taxpayer dollars overseas, Americans can’t afford to live in the increasingly expensive homeland.

As retirement accounts dip into the negative, 1 in 4 U.S. parents reports they couldn’t cover basic needs such as food, shelter, and care for their families in 2022. That’s no surprise considering raging inflation has jacked up prices across the board. Americans now pay 49.1 percent more for eggs, 27 percent more for butter, and 14.7 percent more for milk compared to 2021.

Zelensky’s Handout Is Part of a Destructive Spending Package

The more than $45 billion Congress designated for Zelensky is part of a sweeping, inflationary omnibus bill that would fulfill Democrats’ spending wishes before the newly elected Republican House is sworn in.

The legislation was conjured quickly with hardly any time slated for review or criticism. Because of that, Senate Republicans like McConnell face threats of gridlock from members of the new GOP House.

There Are Bigger Foreign Policy Problems Than Ukraine

As the world watches Ukraine and Russia duke (or possibly nuke) it out, China, our nation’s biggest threat, has been taking advantage of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Thanks to the laxity of the U.S., China crept its way into a working relationship with Russia and created a hegemonic plan to expand its rule. The communist regime’s boldness in expanding its Marxism and reaching for Taiwan will only grow stronger as America drains its foreign policy budget on Ukraine.

Ukraine Is Not a Top Strategic U.S. Security Interest

Not only is Ukraine not our biggest foreign policy problem, but it’s also not even a top strategic U.S. security interest. McConnell regularly justifies funneling dollars to Ukraine under the guise that the spending is part of “Essential Investments in American Strength and Security.” But the truth of the matter is that spending endless money on an indefinite war in Ukraine does nothing for Americans but create a national security threat.

The Biden Admin Is Incapable of Handling Problems Properly

Americans don’t trust Biden to handle the Russia-Ukraine war because every problem the Biden administration touches turns into an even bigger disaster.

Not only does the White House exacerbate crises, but it also creates them. Take one look at the economy, the southern border, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the political war waged by the Department of Justice and FBI against Americans, and you’ll understand why our president shouldn’t be so eager to be a cash cow for a foreign country.

Ukraine Isn’t the Most Honest Country

Zelensky’s Ukraine is filled with anti-democratic practices and principles: a war on the free press, money-grabbing bureaucrats, and a broken justice system.

Congress granting a corrupt regime funds with little to no oversight doesn’t just undermine war hawks’ reasoning for supporting Ukraine. It could also quickly result in a “Taliban inherits American weaponry” situation.

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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