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Not every comedian is having difficulty parodying President Joe Biden. Over on “The Tonight Show,” comedian Jimmy Fallon appears to be tossing out Biden jokes like candy.
On Wednesday’s airing of “The Tonight Show,” the host used a parody to take aim at the president’s propensity for speaking gibberish.

“Before speaking about his infrastructure plan today, he went to visit a vaccine site in Virginia yesterday, and I thought the video was really interesting. Take a look at what he had to say,” Fallon said, teeing off the parody.

A video then began to play of Biden speaking at a vaccination clinic in Virginia. Except there was just one noticeable difference.
Fallon replaced the footage’s actual audio with his own voice. And with his own voice, he then pretended to be Biden — and it was exactly as one might expect.

“Sorry I’m late. I just found a big walnut in the parking lot. I was chasing it around for two hours. Folks said, ‘Joe, that’s not a walnut. That’s a dirty rock.’ Yeah right. If it’s a rock, then why’s my mouth watering? People say,’ Prove it, Joe, crack it.’ But that’s not the way we used to eat walnuts, so I swallowed it whole,” he said.

That sounds about right, no?

“I’m just glad the kids are getting the vaccine soon. You know, us kids used to play this game called ‘Spark’ems.’ We’d put aluminum foil on our fingers and plug ourselves into the wall sockets. Fill ourselves with electricity, then chase crows around and try to shock ’em with our lightning fingers,” he continued.

He sounded all over the place because that’s how Biden sometimes sounds. Remember the time that he suddenly started speaking about his “hairy legs?”

After playing two video segments from the event, Fallon then interjected in his own voice to say, “I don’t know why they really let him do this. Someone should cut him off.”

You don’t say?

He then resumed the video of Biden speaking with a voiceover.

“We’re taking down the coronavirus like I took down a fella on my block called Kansas City Dennis. He’d crawl through my doggy door and steal my bubble gum. Ya see, gum was new back then. Before gum, we used to just bite off a piece of a live pig’s ear. Pretty easy to chew. The hard part was blowing bubbles,” he said.

Despite conservatives’ general distaste for late-night comedy, which tends to almost always lean heavily to the left, they were impressed by Fallon’s bit.

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