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We love it! We watch Friday night football on the local news and then get up Saturday morning to make a big pot of chili and by 11AM (when some games begin) pigging out on that with fritos, sour cream & shredded cheese.

Our ten year old is playing tackle football this year for the first time. He's so excited. He's been quarterback for the past two years on flag football. He really gets into watching and loves to see a flea flicker. He likes doing the Statue of Liberty play on the field, it's his favorite.

My nephew plays for Russellville, so "Go Golden Tigers!"

We're in Muscle Shoals, so "Go Trojans!"

I'll always be a Bama fan, but I've grown pretty attached to MTSU Blue Raiders. It's fun to see a program move to D1, struggle, and finally start to accomplish goals.

It's even more fun because Vanderbilt absolutely hates Middle and their fans. We've beat them 3 times since moving to D1, the last one we blocked a kick that would have given them the first bowl game in over two decades. Last season we had 7 wins and made it to the Motor City Bowl. Vandy has yet to schedule us again. lol

Bama had it's traditions long before I came around. It's cool to be a part of a program developing their traditions and history and to see it all happen first hand.
My wife has family from Alabama, some are Bama fans some are AU. The annual family reunion at one time was scheduled around Iron Bowl weekend. All the Alabama relatives would gather around the TV at Henry Horton State Park for the game and scare all the resident Tennessee folks. The decision was made to move it after a fight broke out. Wish I was in the family back then, I would do my part and jump in!

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