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How many of you remember the songChickaboom by "Daddy Dewdrop" from March 6th, 1971 (YouTube link is the clickable name above).  It was one of several songs that many would never think would make it on the Billboard Top 100 songs but was, what I call, a cult song but never the less one that was cute and garnered popularity because of its quirkiness.  

How many of you had quirky little songs that you remember as favorites and care to share them?

Given the time of year, it reminds me of yet one more Monster Mash and for those that click that link do you remember such a young **** Clark (yeah I know he always looked young)?  I also got a kick out of the facial expressions of Bobby Pickett as he sang it.

Then there were others from a singer who thrived on singing those type of songs, Ray Stevens and songs like The StreakMississippi Squirrel Revival, and not to be forgotten It's me again Margaret.

And if you can't remember any of them Don't Worry Be Happy.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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