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I think he will do just what semi said he'd do. I blocked him because it was apparent he had no interest in discussing anything, his only purpose was to run down anyone that didn't agree with him, tell his old worn out stories, make up new ones, all which no one could possibly believe, to try to build himself up. That round and round with him just got old. I actually pity anyone that has to be around him, you know they dread to see him coming, and anyone that chooses to be around him, or agrees with anything he posts, is as messed up as he is. 

Originally Posted by Bill Gray:

Hi Aeneas,


My Friend, you have lost me.  Tell me how a clock running clockwise is correct twice a day -- but a clock running counter-clockwise is correct four times a day.   You have aroused my curiosity.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,




Now that we have your attention why don't you answer the question?

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