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Hello sport enthusiasts,

I am currently residing in the DC area (where I regularly play volleyball at least 2x/week in the Fall/Winter months). I was playing league ball, but due to my busy schedule I primarily play competive (intermediate/advanced) drop-in v-ball games when available. Also when the weather was nice outside, I played on the sand courts near the mall in DC, where a buddy of mine and I won a DC Doubles Championship back in 2004---My first and last tournament I ever played to date. My work schedule would not allow me to compete in the following years.

Anyhow, I am originally from Florence, AL. My wife and I will be relocating to the area around late Dec 2006. Just curious to know of locations and/or tournaments for adult volleyball. I have played in church league before and don't mind playing with those of various skill levels. However, I must be honest in saying that I prefer a challenge and like to get a great workout in the process. Doubles to 6's, just let me know...

I would also be open to exploring scrimmages with other athletic (high school, college, club)teams, etc. Simply want to keep my skills active when I return and possibly work consistently with a local team if the opportunity presents itself.

My first love is basketball. I'd appreciate info on pick up games for b'ball as well. THANKS.

P.S. For those who think v-ball is a "soft" sport I dare you to try and return one of my jump serves, or try to block or dig one of my pounding "killer" spikes. SMILE Dust off your shoes and spread the excitement.

Look forward to the replies!!!
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Also might want to contact the Florence YMCA at (256) 246-9622 especially for backetball. I grew up in the area and don't recall any places to play volleyball. I do remember there was a beach volleyball court behind Gold's Gym in Sheffield a few years back.

I have friends in at the coast and each weekend they get together with local friends for pickup games on the beach. It really is a lot of fun assuming you didn't drink too much the night before as I did once.
After having watched the UNA's women team play this year I would say that they could dust your shoes off.LOL I bet they would love to have someone to provide scrimmage competition.

UNA Women's Volleyball team motto should be: Womens' Volleyball, A MAN'S GAME. instead of Our game is tighter than our Spandex.

If you never been to a UNA womens volleyball game then your missing a great sporting event.

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