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Devin Nunes, former top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, warned that many Americans believe the Durham report proves the FBI to be "hopelessly corrupt," adding it might be time for Congress to take substantive recourse.

The former California congressman told "Hannity" on Tuesday the investigation revealed corruption at the highest levels of the Justice Department.

"I think everybody just has to take a step back here and look at what really happened," Nunes said. "You have a corrupt DOJ, a corrupt FBI that worked with the Clinton campaign to launch this hoax that still continues today."

"They got away with it then, and they're getting away with it now, and I think it's getting worse and worse," he added, then suggesting there is a lack of introspection within parts of the bureau criticized in the report.


"It's sad because you would hope that those guys that got spared… some of the FBI guys that were involved in this hoax, you see them, you see what they're saying. You would think this would be a time to take a step back and notice, 'Hey, Durham didn't call me. Durham didn't even subpoena me'… but instead, they're doubling down."

Nunes said such individuals who were featured in Hannity's media montage "show[ed] no remorse," which he contended suggests that Congress must act in the face of a "hopelessly corrupted" FBI.

Hannity added that there are many Americans who believe the FBI should be "defunded" and replaced by a new agency with the same mission, but one that lacks the weaponization and politicization purportedly revealed through the Mueller and Durham probes.

He further asked Nunes about federal law enforcement's purported maneuvers to undermine the veracity of Hunter Biden's laptop, which was left at a Delaware repair shop and was allegedly found to contain potentially damaging content.

"It was a scheme. It was no different than the Russia hoax. They created the Russia hoax because they thought the Russians or someone else were going to release Hillary Clinton's real emails, which, by the way, we never found," Nunes said.

"That's why they created this scheme. In 2020, they did the same thing. And what they've done is they poisoned millions of Americans' minds, where you have so many people out there that I bet if you did a poll today, you'd probably still have half of America who still thinks that Trump and Republicans have something to do with Russia, when the reality is the only people who've had anything to do with Russia was Hillary, and now you've got Biden."

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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