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The mayor of East Palestine has ripped President Biden for heading to Ukraine for a surprise visit instead of the scene of Ohio’s toxic train derailment.

Mayor Trent Conaway accused Biden of abandoning his domestic responsibilities after the 80-year-old president popped over to Kyiv on Monday to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“That was the biggest slap in the face,” Conaway told Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Monday night.

“That tells you right now he doesn’t care about us,” the mayor continued.

“He can send every agency he wants to, but I found out this morning that he was in Ukraine giving millions of dollars away to people over there and not to us … on Presidents’ Day in our country, so I’m furious.”

The Biden administration has faced intense backlash over its response to the Feb. 3 train derailment in the small Ohio town, which caused a toxic spill and forced the evacuation of roughly 5,000 panicked residents.

President Joe Biden [L) shakes hands with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv.
President Biden made a surprise visit to meet with Ukraine President Zelensky on Feb. 20.
POOL/AFP via Getty Images
The mayor of East Palestine, Trent Conaway, has criticized President Biden for heading to Ukraine instead of the scene of Ohio's toxic train derailment.
East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway has criticized President Biden for heading to Ukraine instead of the scene of Ohio’s toxic train derailment.
Fox News

Federal agencies — including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — were sent in to help respond to the disaster.

But Conaway and local residents have said the resources on the ground have been insufficient and slammed the slow federal response.

Residents have expressed fears that their air and drinking water have been contaminated following what officials called a controlled burn of the chemicals, including vinyl chloride.

Meanwhile, embattled Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg only announced Tuesday that he was planning to head to East Palestine — nearly three weeks after the disaster unfolded.

A large puff of black smoke was seen over East Palestine, Ohio, as the result of a controlled detonation of the derailed trains.

Buttigieg told ABC’s “Good Morning America” of his intentions but stopped short of providing a timeline for his visit.

US President Joe Biden [R) is greeted by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (L) during a visit in Kyiv.
The Biden administration has faced intense backlash over its response to the Feb. 3 train derailment.
AFP via Getty Images

Earlier, Buttigieg had sent a letter to Norfolk Southern — the company that owns the derailed freight train — accusing it of putting profits above safety.

His three-page letter to the rail company came as he continues to face calls for impeachment, or his resignation, over his handling of the devastating derailment.

East Palestine mayor rips Biden for not visiting Ohio train site (

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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@1130 posted:

Corn, fake news,

I heard about it a week before media picked it up.  What 2 weeks later? mayor pete is calling for action?   FEMA denied support.  just another government cluster @#%*

President Biden actually said 'you can have anything you need'... it's on video... call it fake if you wanna poke your head in the sand.. that's fine with me.

FEMA doesn't clean up toxic spills...

Remember the EPA  that you Republicants hate? Guess who's in charge of toxic spills?

Any news that goes against the Republicant narrative is labeled 'fake news'... no matter the proof.

@1130 posted:

I understand the train may or may not have had to have the new braking system...

but the Obama era regulations also included regulations for speed and length of trains as well as notifying local authorities of dangerous cargo....

alas, we'll never know if the Obama era regulations would have helped... The Railroad lobby had the Trump administration remove the regulations.

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