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The FBI and the entire DNC and dem voters urged them on and ignored their violence.

A Colorado-based domestic terrorist group has recently had its account suspended following Elon Musk’s vow that accounts that incite violence will face punishment.

Andy Ngo, a reporter who has spent a lot of time and effort covering Antifa and its movements, reported that the account  “COSAntiFascists,” an Antifa group based out of Colorado Springs, has indeed been suspended. According to Ngo, the account had encouraged direct violence toward journalists and published the addresses and phone numbers of the people it targeted.

According to Ngo, the account was run by Heidi Beedle, a violent Antifa extremist, who also has connections to Colorado Rep. Steven Woodrow.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, the recently uncovered Twitter files pointed out that the FBI would routinely approach Twitter with “bulk data” including the tracking of terror suspects that they would deliver to Twitter for “moderation”:

‘It’s no secret the government analyzes bulk data for all sorts of purposes, everything from tracking terror suspects to making economic forecasts,’ said Taibbi.

‘The #TwitterFiles show something new: agencies like the FBI and DHS regularly sending social media content to Twitter through multiple entry points, pre-flagged for moderation.’

One has to wonder why the FBI never requested moderation of the “COSAntiFascist” account despite its clear and open calls for violence against anyone it deemed an opponent. What the FBI was more concerned about were Twitter accounts that were sending effective messages that harmed the Democrats in any way. As the Daily Mail pointed out, this included satire accounts and news accounts like “Right Side Broadcasting Network.”

So the FBI went out of its way to make sure Democrats were protected from anything and everything that could possibly pose a threat to its narratives, but one thing it wasn’t concerned with was protecting Americans from actual domestic terrorism.

The more that comes out about the Twitter files the worse our intelligence community looks.

The person behind /@COSAntiFa was trans furry/Colorado Times Recorder reporter . She was a teacher & wrote about how she politically brainwashed the students. She also wrote about giving a child a book that features kinky sex to celebrate trans month.

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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